The Lisa Returns. Guestbloggers Rock.

Hola, amigos. (See, that’s Spanish. I learned it during my trip to Ensenada!) I’m back from the most relaxing and tan-inspiring vacation ever and have brought you all back a present to show you how much I missed you (excluding Susan, of course):

Mmm, yes. A little slice of heaven right there for you all to drool over.

I want to thank all of our excellent guestbloggers who stepped in to keep the blog alive last week. You ladies ROCK! Seriously, there was some absolutely amazing content shared last week. In fact, it was so top notch that I think I should stop blogging myself and just outsource it to people who are clearly more intelligent and more insightful than I am. [You already tried that on Friday. I had to fire Virginia. –Susan] Check out the guest posts below and I think you’ll agree with me.

Blogging may be light today as I get caught and respond to the 955 emails that I found in my inbox this morning, so while I’m doing that, take a second to review some of the stellar posts from last week. They’re fantastic. I’d use that blogger tipping system to buy them all a drink, if I could.

Gracias, ladies, and adios til later! :)

[I second that thank you (I don’t speak Spanish.) Last week was awesome thanks to our guests. –Susan]

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One Reply to “The Lisa Returns. Guestbloggers Rock.”

You’re welcome Lisa. Everyone was so serious and all I did was yack about football! I’m so fired aren’t I.

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