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April 22, 2010

The LONG-TABLE – SEM Tactics that work SMX Sydney

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How to rank well for local?

Get links with your city name in them to link to you. Make sure your listing across multiple databases are correct, i.e. yellow pages, yelp etc. Have a different page for each different location. Also use abbreviations for your organisation. Same for mobile search, trigger for universal on mobile is slightly different, triggers are more sensitive on mobile, use GPS in your micro formats to rank in mobile local search.

What’s the relationship between the sitemap xml file pages indexed and PR?

The higher your pagerank, the deeper your content will be crawled in your site.
Using sub categories can be really useful. But you need to be careful as Google does not show indented results across sub domains. Indented results give a much higher click through rate.If you have too many sub domains yahoo will probably ban you. Bing is stupid re sub domains ( from Greg). Useful for bigger sites not smaller sites.

That’s the end of day 1, thanks for a great day everybody

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