The SEO’s 10 Commandments

By Christopher Hart, Director, Eastern Region Operations

Editor’s note: When Christopher Hart went to the Scary SEO conference last weekend, he donned the official Bruce Clay, Inc. attire — a branded shirt and slacks. Little did he know his wardrobe and color choices would lead everyone to believe he was in the clergy! When you get buzz, you can either run away from it or run with it. As for our man Chris, let’s just say that burning rubber you smell is from his sneakers.

  1. Thou shall embrace Internet marketing and the digital marketing mix.
  2. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    As an online business you shall embrace all modes of distribution so that you can reach your customers in the most efficient manor possible, no matter how you used to do business in the past. This means you will actively work at search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media optimization and reputation management.

  3. Thou shall get rid of your outdated business strategies.
  4. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    Get over yourself and those old businesses rules and ideals which you held in high value in the past. This is a new age and with it comes new rules. You must learn to embrace the rules and ways of the online digital market place.

  5. Thou shall not abuse Internet marketing.
  6. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    Do not shamelessly self promote or product plug. Become part of the community in which your market place belongs and you will see more success with consumers embracing your product and services for as long as you bring them value.

  7. Thou shall remember that hard work is essential, but be sure to reward yourself and your team for a job well done.
  8. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    This job is not built on a standard five-day, nine to five week. You will work late hours over the weekend and deep into the wee hours of the night. But when your team does successfully push your initiatives live, give them a day off and show them the appreciation they deserve.

  9. Thou shall honor your client’s wishes and goals.
  10. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    Listen to your customers and respect their opinions. Do not pretend you live in an ivory tower, but rather give back to your customers and they will give back to you ten fold.

  11. Thou shall not kill.
  12. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    Never kill an old site. Doing so will be like throwing away PageRank and will require you to start over.

  13. Thou shall not cheat.
  14. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    When communicating online, do not take what is others and use it for yourself. Original content rules the day and it must be yours.

  15. Thou shall not steal.
  16. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    Never 302 hijack another business Web site and always remember to attribute your sources.

  17. Thou shall not lie.
  18. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    You shall never, ever, ever spam your customers or the search engines.

  19. Thou shall not be jealous of what you don’t have.
  20. The Online Digital Business Initiative Translation:
    If your Web site is hosted on a dirty IP, do something about and move to a new IP. Don’t just complain and do nothing, or worse, not look into it and only find out when it is too late.

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9 Replies to “The SEO’s 10 Commandments”

Great article!

SEO Specialist should observe this code of ethics so as to maintain an environment of healthy competition.

practical philosophy to live and operate by. Well said! Bravo!

Numbers 3 and 4 should be highlighted for the ultimate commandments

#3 A must do.
A lot of sites and promotion going on fail to add value. Coming from a VAR environment, few marketers provide value. You can almost get an idea of who they are the moment you receive their emails.
#5 For survival.
‘Money is on the list’ so they say. But in reality the money is on your customer’s hands until they give it to you.

Yes. People should redirect old site’s to new sites.

Not real sure about #5, since if we listened to the client, A) we work for free, B) they would have us breaking the commandments.
Overall, like the list.

Chris Hart a clergy man! I love it. You better dress up as one on Friday. Nice post. Wish I could have seen it live at Scary SEO.

love it, just love it – someone mentioned confession, but I think Chris would have too much fun with that.


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