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October 23, 2012

A Website with Pull: The SEO Attraction

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A website may be considered static in that, for most businesses, it remains more or less the same from day to day. A static website can be categorized as push marketing: it says what it says and speaks to whoever may stumble upon it or is pointed to it. However, this view of a website misses the major opportunity of pull marketing.

Use your Web presence as a customer magnet by developing your assets.

Did you know? (Hubspot Marketing Statistics)

  • 61% of Internet users do shopping research online
  • 44% of shoppers start the buying cycle at a search engine
  • The size of a website affects the amount of leads a business gets. More pages and landing pages equal more leads.
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
  • 80% of social network users in the U.S. prefer brand interaction’s with a Facebook page to a website.

money magnetA website can be a pull medium if it’s discovered by a consumer looking for the information or products held within. The marketing discipline of search engine optimization, or SEO, developed in order to build and maintain a website’s pull capabilities. Some of the basic tenants of SEO that improve the odds of attracting interested readers and viewers include:

  • Site architecture and themes: Laying out a website through well-defined themes describing the business, the problems it solves and the products and services that solve them.
  • Keyword research and optimization: Aligning the words used on website pages with the words searchers use to query the search engine.
  • Fresh content: Publishing ever-more content on the topics for which the business is an authority, both to increase the volume of content deemed relevant to the subject theme and to feed into search engines’ freshness ranking factors.
  • Social interaction: The web has becoming increasingly social since its inception. User engagement is a factor in search engines’ ranking algorithms as it signals quality and user preference. Visitors and customers sharing your content with their social networks is also a means through which your brand can extend its reach and grow its audience.

In everything you say online, build trust, show your charming personality, put your customers needs first in terms of user experience and content.

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3 responses to “A Website with Pull: The SEO Attraction”

  1. Martin Ramirez writes:

    Likewise, I agree that the disavow will change the way SEO links work. One thing I found interesting about this article is that “80% of social network users in the U.S. prefer brand interaction’s with a Facebook page to a website” I would have thought that even though they like facebook they would prefer to visit a website and connect there.

  2. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Also agree, Scott! The link graph will look different in short order. I just worry that disavow will be adopted for some dark arts or make a bigger mess rather than being used for what it’s been provided – slaying the thorny overgrowth of spam networks. I hope SEOs and businesses are able to see disavow as the clean slate they needed and then adopt long-sighted SEO strategies and practices going forward.

  3. Scott A. Dennison writes:

    Completely agree with you Virginia. Static sites are dead and as of the release of Google’s link disavow tool, so is SEO as we knew it. In about 3 weeks the link grid built by SEO’s over the last 5 years will be devastated. What’re your thoughts on it?

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