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Our free e-books are designed with your success in mind. Inside these guides you’ll find in-depth information and best practices that you can implement to achieve your SEO and digital marketing goals.

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SEO Siloing e-book by Bruce Clay.

SEO Siloing: How To Create a Relevant Website for Search Engines and Website Visitors

In order to rank well in search engines for both broad and long-tail keywords, your website must have enough clearly organized supporting content to appear relevant for those terms. The best way to organize your website is through a technique we call siloing.

Siloing a website means grouping related pages together, either structurally or through linking, to establish the site’s keyword-based themes.

In this 28-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of siloing and why it must be a foundational technique of any SEO strategy.
  • The situations in which siloing can make or break your search engine rankings.
  • How to properly silo your website and improve the relevancy of your webpages.

The Declaration of SEO e-book by Bruce Clay.

Declaration of SEO: 6 Fundamental Truths To Live By

In the course of business, it becomes necessary for both brands and SEO professionals to take responsibility for the performance of the websites that they run and manage. Every website owner, website publisher and search engine
professional should follow this declaration when creating or implementing a website and/or SEO program. After reading this 32-page e-book guide, you’ll understand how to:

  • Adapt to algorithm changes faster than your competitors
  • Arrange your website content in a hierarchy that increases relevance
  • Avoid SEO practitioners that could hurt your site in the long run


Google Analytics 4: What It Is and How To Get Started

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a completely reimagined analytics platform – the biggest change to Google’s analytics product since its inception in 2005.

This 20-page guide gives you an overview of GA4 to help you understand the changes you can expect to see.

Get this free e-book to learn:

  • Why GA4 was designed and how it can help businesses better understand the customer journey.
  • The changes GA4 brings from the old Universal Analytics, including data model differences and new metric updates.
  • How to install, verify and customize GA4 step by step.

"The Guide to SEO for CMOs: Key Strategies for 2021" by Bruce Clay.

The Guide to SEO for CMOs: Key Strategies for 2021

SEO has become an essential strategy to ensure your brand succeeds. Investing in SEO helps to ensure you are visible for what your target audience is looking for now and in the future.

Written with CMOs in mind, this 48-page guide:

  • Covers why SEO needs to be viewed as a strategic initiative companywide to get the best results.
  • Busts common SEO myths that CMOs grapple with to show how SEO is critical to your marketing.
  • Highlights SEO strategies that need to be on your radar so your brand can effectively compete in the search results.

Google's Page Experience Update: A Complete Guide from Bruce Clay Inc.

Google’s Page Experience Update: A Complete Guide

Google’s 2021 Page Experience update is upon us. Is your website prepared to take advantage of the new ranking factor? If your site needs a boost in page experience, this resource will help.

Get our 51-page ebook guide to learn:

  • The 6 page experience factors explained in detail
  • Core web vitals and their impact on search rankings
  • Ways to fine tune your website to offer a better page experience
  • Recommendations to improve your scores from red to green

Link Building Manifesto e-book by Bruce Clay.

The New Link Building Manifesto: How To Earn Links That Count

How we view links and earn them has changed dramatically in the past couple decades. Today’s SEO mindset has shifted from building links to earning them. With this 49-page ebook guide, you will:

  • Develop a roadmap for earning quality, relevant links
  • Learn 50 ways to earn links safely and effectively
  • Find out how to monitor, evaluate and maintain your link profile
  • Take advantage of link equity to boost your website rankings

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