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May 23, 2011

iPhone SEO Applications

SEO iPhone Application Comparison Chart

Doing SEO on your mobile phone? We decided to analyse every SEO iPhone App we could get our hands on from the App Store and this is what we found. The native SEO iPhone applications currently available definitely don’t provide the full capability of desktop or hosted SEO tool solutions; however that is not necessarily […]

January 27, 2011

SEO Cloaking Techniques to Avoid in 2011

Head of Google Web Spam, Matt Cutts, took time away from Ozzie and Emmy (The Matt Cutts “Catts”) at the end of 2010 to post a little titbit for webmasters and SEOs via Twitter, which I’m sure added to the hangovers for a few Black Hats over the holiday season. Google will [look] more at cloaking in […]

August 17, 2010

Robots Exclusion Protocol Reference Guide

The Robots Exclusion Protocol is a very simple but powerful mechanism available to webmasters and SEOs alike. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the file that means it is often overlooked and often the cause of one or more critical search engine optimisation issues. To this end, we have attempted to pull together tricks, tips […]

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