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June 28, 2013

The SMX Advanced Edition of the SEO Newsletter is Live

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Still reeling from all the information coming out of SMX Advanced 2013?

Then you’ll want to read June’s SEO Newsletter: The SMX Advanced Edition, which is packed with lessons derived from this month’s conference. In addition to SMX Advanced lessons, you’ll also find a fascinating case study on how Bruce Clay Europe is using annotations from YouTube’s One Channel to drive awareness, as well as an article that highlights the latest structured data updates you need to know about.

In Google and Bing’s Advice to SEOs at SMX Advanced, readers can delve into the SEO advice coming straight from the front lines of Google and Bing. In this feature article, Virginia breaks down advice from Google’s distinguished webmaster, Matt Cutts and Bing’s vice president, Gurdeep Singh Pall and senior product manager, Duane Forrester.

What matters right now, according to Cutts, Pall and Forrester?

  • Making a categorically, indisputably great site that compels users. Do this and Google will reward you — Cutts
  • Implementing structured data on your site so search engines can better understand your content — Pall
  • Keeping in mind Bing’s ranking factors (content, social, user experience, links, seo) — Forrester

Read more to see how your site fares in light of the SEO Priorities checklist Virginia created based on the search engines’ advice.

My back-to-basics article, SMX Advanced Non-Negotiables: Social Signals, Mobile Search and User Experience is also founded in SMX Advanced takeaways. Factors that came up repeatedly across the conference’s myriad sessions were the continuing importance of social signals, the increasing importance of mobile presence and the ever-important user experience.

SMX Advanced speakers brought home the importance of:

  • Launching (or strengthening) your Google+ campaign, as it is a clear factor in Google indexing and ranking
  • Optimizing your mobile presence, knowing that local mobile search is projected to exceed desktop search by 2015
  • Determining what content will, in fact, successfully compel your unique audience

Read more to learn about the latest developments and strategies in social media, mobile search and user experience.

In the International article, Bruce Clay Europe SEM Analyst Paolo Bennardo highlights the benefits of YouTube video marketing, sharing a real-life example of how he maneuvered a client video into the top 5 most viewed videos in Italy last month. Using YouTube to Create Engaging Video Marketing takes the guesswork out of:

  • customizing your YouTube One Channel
  • using annotations and linking directly to your site from an interactive video
  • selecting a TrueView video ad format to increase user views and campaign awareness

Read more to uncover the concrete steps toward successful video marketing.

In Hot Topic, read up on the latest developments in semantic markup, including updates to Google’s Data Highlighter Tool, the debut of the Structured Data Markup Helper tool and this month’s words of wisdom straight from Matt Cutts on implementing the rel=”author” semantic tag.

In Education Matters, discover a new initiative by Bing to promote digital literacy skills in America.

The SEO Newsletter: The SMX Advanced Edition also rounds up this month’s major acquisitions in Shuffles, highlights the upcoming industry conferences you won’t want to miss in Shindigs and rounds up the top search engine optimization and social media marketing news from June in Word on the Wire.

Have a topic you’d like to see covered in July’s SEO Newsletter? Share it with us in the comments!

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