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November 23, 2005

Another new Google AdWords feature

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Guest Entry by Cindy Turrietta, SEM Analyst–Bruce Clay, Inc

The Googlers over at the Google complex have been busy recently introducing “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up", separate budgets for search and content match and the ability to opt into or out of showing ads on the Google Network.

This morning I stumbled on another cool feature that has to do with setting up a geo targeted campaign. You can now use Google Maps to target your customers when you select customized location targeting. Basically you either enter a starting address or select a point on the map and Google Maps will pin point it for you. You then enter the miles or kilometers that you want to target from your location and Google Maps will draw a circle around that area for you. You can also opt for their multi-point option where you can choose 3 or more point on the map to define a target a rea of any size or shape. Once you set your coordinates, press continue to finish setting up your campaign. It’s that easy.

Be sure to take the population density of the area(s) you are targeting into consideration and draw your circle or polygon a little bigger to accommodate more people if you are targeting a rural area. Also keep in mind that Google’s "local" or geo-targeted search is based on the IP address of the searcher. So if your potential visitor’s IP address is not within your targeted area, they will not see your ad. This holds true for anybody using AOL as their IP addresses originate out of Virginia.

Kind of a cool new "toy" certainly making it easy to define locally targeted areas. What will Google think of next…

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