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This is it! Our final session of SES NY and it’s sure to be a great one. Why? Ninjas and Tim Ash are involved. End of story. Or is it just the beginning?

Intro by Sage Lewis, President,

Solo presentation by Tim Ash, CEO,

Sage starts off with his signature high energy, which is surprisingly energizing at this point in the show. He says that Tim will be giving a keynote at Conversion Conference in San Jose in May and that the early bird rate ends April 15.

Tim Ash

Tim, @tim_ash, takes the reins and jumps off the stage to present. He says that you can find a more complete list of tools by searching Google for “69 free tools,” and he won’t be covering such an exhaustive list now. Still, wanna bet no one feels cheated of tools by the end of this?

Your visitors view you as a brick wall. The right tools will help you unlock the landing pages and you’ll be able to diagnose your site problems.

Here are the tools he’ll cover:

  1. Crazyegg
  2. Clicktale
  3. Usertesting
  4. Crossbrowsertesting
  5. Attentionwizard


Type: in-page Web analytics

Key features:

  • Mouse heatmaps
  • Click confetti
  • Link click overlay

Conversion applications:

  • Clicking on non-clickable images
  • Behavior changes based on screen-size and traffic source

A mouse heatmap is almost like a cheap man’s eye tracking map. It shows where the visitor moved their mouse, and some people move their mouse to where they’re looking. The nice thing about Crazyegg is that you can filter a lot of things. You can filter by the user’s window size, and notice that the greater interaction happens when the stuff you care about is above the fold and within the window viewed.


Type: in-page Web analytics and user monitoring

Key features:

  • User session recording and playback with downloading
  • Click heatmaps with adjustable display
  • Advanced link analytics – hesitation, hover, timing
  • Advanced form analytics
  • Historical archiving of data (up to 60 days)\

Conversion applications:

  • How far do people scroll?
  • Do they reach the bottom of the page?
  • What form fields are commonly left blank?
  • Which form fields cause the most delay/confusion?
  • Which links are hovered over but not clicked?

Conversion Report: They offer a conversion report that doesn’t track page to page movement, but a single page movement on a form.

Time Reports: it shows you the average time a visitor interacted with each field inside the form from the moment the page loaded. If they’re delayed a long time on a single question, you can look into why the problem is happening there.

Blank Field Report: It reports how frequently your visitors leave fields bland when submitting the form.

Type: online usability testing

Key features:

  • Online test setup
  • Specify task to perform on your site
  • Pre-screened subjects (taught to speak out loud)
  • Very quick results (start getting feedback within 1 hour)
  • Get audio/video recording and text transcript

Conversion applications:

  • Observe actual problems that uninterested visitors have
  • Run tests against your benchmark competitor’s sites
  • Get unexpected ideas for problems/testing

If you’re worried about the tester not being part of your intended audience, then don’t be. Most of the problems on your site are design clutter and usability related. You don’t need a significant sample for this – 6 or 7 will do well.


Type: cross browser testing

Key features:

  • Test different OS, browser, application combinations
  • Pay by the minute for screenshots or live testing

Conversion applications:

  • Identify usability issues with different configurations
  • Find broken or sub-optimal site operation
  • Find distorted spatial relationships

AttentionWizard (disclosure: he developed this tool)

Type: visual attention prediction tool

Key features:

  • Creates “attention heatmaps” of Web pages
  • Works with live and mocked up designs
  • No actual page visitors required
  • Instant results – just upload an image

Conversion applications:

  • Identify visual elements that distract from goals
  • Determine exact amount of emphasis for key elements
  • Improve a landing page design before you publish it.

The highest level of user behavior on your site research you can do is eye tracking. The mid level solution is the mouse heatmap. The third possible solution is software to predict where people are going to look.

He shows an example of landing page and asks the audience what the call to action or conversion is. People are shouting out answers but not the right one, apparently, until someone gets it and Tim hands him $20 for his trouble. J

The obvious standard: if it’s not obvious, you’re losing money

If the user is looking at the wrong stuff, you’re wasting your time. The beauty about testing is that it’s no longer about who’s right in the organization — it’s about getting the customer to decide.

Way to close out the show! Thank you SES New York!

For related information regarding conversion tools, see Conversion Tools of the Master Crafstman!

Virginia Nussey is the director of content marketing at MobileMonkey. Prior to joining this startup in 2018, Virginia was the operations and content manager at Bruce Clay Inc., having joined the company in 2008 as a writer and blogger.

See Virginia's author page for links to connect on social media.

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Awesome post Virginia. Tim is a master at his craft, and conversion op is on the rise!

Great post. looks very useful. I’ve used similar to clicktale before – handy when you are first testing a site.


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