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August 19, 2010

Eye Tracking Research Update — SES San Francisco

Facebook Heat Map

Anne F. Kennedy, SES Advisory Board, International Search Strategist, Beyond Ink USA

Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

It’s the 3rd day of sessions here at SES. I’m lucky to get to sit in on one of my favorite speaker’s sessions – Shari Thurow. I’ve filled up on coffee and it’s kicking in so with any luck I’ll be able to get you all some decent information on this topic.

After some technical difficulties, looks like the show will go on.

She’s going to do a quick review of eye tracking, then go into the information scent and search engines. After that is eye tracking and SERPs and landing pages. Sounds juicy.

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August 12, 2010

Your SEO is a Waste of Time Without Conversions

conversion optimization and SEO pie

So, you’ve invested a ton of time and resources in SEO to reap the rewards of rankings and traffic – but what then? Without some form of conversion that affects your bottom line, what do you have to show for all your hard work?

Conversion optimization is a progressive and scientific way to ensure your site is performing for you once a person arrives at it. I sat down with Scott Fowles, an SEO analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc. who approaches SEO with experience in conversion optimization, testing, Web development and graphic design. I asked him about this new and often overlooked optimization trend for websites.

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June 21, 2010

When the Game Changes, Change With It

A football striker wearing the number 10 shirt...

The new Jabulani soccer ball being used all month during the World Cup is meant to be faster, more accurate and more reliable. But even such noble qualities didn’t help the change find acceptance with those playing the game.

In an interview, Italy striker Giampaolo Pazzini said:

“It moves so much and makes it difficult to control. You jump up to head a cross and suddenly the ball will move and you miss it. It is especially bad for the goalkeepers if it means they concede a goal because they can’t judge the trajectory.”

Sound familiar?

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March 25, 2010

Conversion Ninja Toolbox

Tim Ash

This is it! Our final session of SES NY and it’s sure to be a great one. Why? Ninjas and Tim Ash are involved. End of story. Or is it just the beginning?

Intro by Sage Lewis, President,

Solo presentation by Tim Ash, CEO,

Sage starts off with his signature high energy, which is surprisingly energizing at this point in the show. He says that Tim will be giving a keynote at Conversion Conference in San Jose in May and that the early bird rate ends April 15.

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Eye Tracking Research Update

Eye Tracking Session - SES NY

Anne F. Kennedy, SES Advisory Board, Founder & MP, Beyond Ink, FP & CMO,

Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
Jeremi Karnell, Co-Founder & President, One to One Interactive
Susan Weinschenk, Chief of User Experience Strategy, Human Factors International

Ahh. One of Susan’s favorite subjects. Shari Thurow is up first.

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December 31, 2009

Best of Search Conferences 2009: Day 3

Happy New Year! You’ve come to just the right place to ring in 2010. Looking back at the best practices, expert recommendations and search engine shifts over the last year puts marketers in a prepared state of mind entering the new year. Below you’ll find knowledge nuggets from the year’s most popular conference posts on analytics and conversions, search info for execs, advanced SEO and advanced PPC. So before you toast to a prosperous year to come, get a little introspective with these top takeaways of 2009.

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December 30, 2009

Best of Search Conferences 2009: Day 2

Welcome back to this week’s roundup of the most popular conference coverage on the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog in 2009. You’re in the groove and back for Day 2, where today’s topics are: the future of search, mobile and local marketing, video marketing, and holistic search integration. With four session tracks, plus a keynote address and an SEM Synergy podcast, there’s plenty to cover, so away we go!

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December 16, 2009

December 2009 SEO Newsletter: A Great Holiday Gift for Your Search Geek

champagne toast

The 74th volume of the SEO Newsletter hits inboxes today. Subscribers will find all the usual bite-sized news bits from the last month in search and SEO. If your appetite is more substantial, the articles offer just the treat.

The high-level overview of the happenings of the year is a lovely pairing for the nitty-gritty guide to Web design for SEO. And of course, any end-of-the-year edition finds a smooth finish when washed down with some bubbly. But first… you’ll need to have your head on for these.

Back to Basics: Web Design for Usability and SEO

Designing a great looking Web site with no thought to search engine optimization is like building a car and forgetting to put gas in it. It isn’t going to go anywhere. However, search engine optimizers also need to know a thing or two about Web design. To balance the needs of both, Web designers must understand…

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December 15, 2009

Making the Switch to Bing

Bing logo

My name is Paula, and I’ve switched from Google to Bing.

Last week was a bit mind-blowing for anyone watching the search industry. Google’s new feature announcements kept coming, fast and furious. It started with their policy change to track and personalize search results for all users, which they sneaked in past the Eastern close of business the Friday before. Monday morning’s Web Search Evolution event cranked the fire hose up to full blast as Google demoed real-time search, Google Goggles, real-time language translation, voice recognition-powered “What’s Nearby” searches for mobile users, and so on.

And the innovations show no sign of letting up, with glimpses of the future Google phone and a new Google URL shortener making news already this week.

Normally I would think, “Woohoo, more search power! Free stuff! Go, Google!!!” But their no-warning expansion of personalization had left me with an eerie feeling that this gift horse might be trying to eat my shoes. When Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained away people’s need for privacy on the Internet, I was glad for the decision I’d made: to switch my default search engine to Bing. (Note: I wasn’t the only one.)

Here are a few of my observations and criticisms as a new Bing user.

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August 4, 2008

An Insider’s Look at the REAL Search Engine Marketing Play Book

Editor’s Note: With Lisa away, we’re kicking off a week of guest stars. Up first is thoughts from everyone’s favorite usability guru, Kim Krause Berg of –Susan Since my High School never won a football game, it wasn’t until I went with a boyfriend to a big game between Lehigh and Lafayette Universities that […]

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