Happy April Fool’s Day from Google

It’s April Fool’s Day and that means that the Google team has been very busy planning pranks. For more than a decade, Google has been making millions laugh with fictitious products, fake announcements, and make-believe services, bringing laughs to the Web every April 1st.

Among today’s gags, Google debuted Google Nose, which enables Google user to search … for smells! Google proclaims that their flagship smell search boasts a “mobile aroma indexing program has been able to amass a 15 million scentibyte database from around the world.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 12.59.10 AM
Shiver me timbers! Google Maps introduces Treasure Mode, ye mateys.

Google Maps now features Treasure Mode. After discovering a 315-year-old pirate treasure map, Google has digitized the map so searchers can “work together to decipher the clues to Captain Kidd’s buried secrets.”

Instead of searching for hot searches on Google Trends, you can search for cold searches, like ” Y2K,” “prom scrunchies” or “step-by-step Macarena.”

Then there’s Gmail Blue. This revelatory version of Gmail features—wait for it—buttons, text, lines, and even the background all in blue. Engineers explain “the inspiration of Blue came from nature. Ocean, sky, blue whales. A blue that was reminiscent of nature, but better than what nature created.”

The Google team was “faced with the challenge: how do we completely redesign and recreate something while keeping it exactly the same? The answer is Gmail Blue …  It’s Gmail, only bluer.”

YouTube stars like Antoine Dodson are featured in today’s April 1st prank video announcing the end of YouTube.

And did you know today is YouTube’s last day accepting entries? YouTube (owned by trickster Google) has actually just been an eight-year contest searching after the best video ever. The competition ends tonight. YouTube released a video announcing its end, featuring some of YouTube’s greatest stars.  A staff of 30,000 technicians will review all the videos amassed over the better part of a decade. YouTube will return in 2023, when the winning video will be revealed … and will be the sole video on YouTube.

Need a little laughter in your day-to-day communications? That’s why Google came up with Google Levity. The levity algorithm optimizes content and visuals to be more appealing and fun, utilizing a repository of 50 years of comedic material from Chicago’s renowned improv group, The Second City. Drafting an email entitled “HR Memo?” Google Levity changes the title to “The New Hotness.”

Erik Murphy-Chutney’s Google+ photo, as optimized with emoticons for photos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is an emoticon worth? And moreover, what is the value of a picture and an emoticon—combined? No need to wonder anymore, because Google+ has added emoticons to photos.

Need Google Fiber on the go? Google has a solution. Today, they have announced Google Fiber Poles. Google Fiber technology can now be found in utility poles. Pull up, plug in and download at Google Fiber speeds. Google Fiber isn’t just for the home anymore.

And in the Googler Spotlight, a new technology has been revealed: self-writing code. That’s right. Self-writing code.

A look back … 

Google began play April Fool’s jokes in 2000, and it’s a tradition they’ve kept up every year (except 2001 and 2003). Here is a history of Google‘s gags:

Kangaroo with head camera
Last year, one of Google’s fictitious rollouts was “Google Street Roo” which equipped kangaroos with cameras in an effort to document the Outback through the eyes of a kangaroo.











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Google fooled me. LOL. A lot of jokes from Google are not really jokes at all.


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