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January 11, 2010

Reader Survey: What’s Your SEO Priority in 2010?

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You’re a forward-thinker, a fast learner, and driven like a ‘Vette. Odds are you’ve got big plans for the year ahead. Whether you’re an in-house SEO thinking of new ways for your company to squeeze out search engine real estate or a consultant targeting potential new niches, you’ve got a strategy in mind for success in 2010.

Just out of curiosity… what’s your plan?

I don’t mean to be nosey, pinky swear. But while strategizing my own 2010, I realized it’d be helpful to hear from others in the search marketing industry to get an idea of where priorities lie. Maybe some readers would find it helpful as well.

changed priorities sign

Not that this is an easy question to answer. Internet marketing, like a complex machine, is made of any number of wheels and cogs, all connected and working together. However, as with anything requiring our time and attention, degrees of priority are required to maintain any semblance of sanity.

We all deserve to keep our sanity, right? So how about it? How devoted are you to the following Internet marketing initiatives in 2010? Is it mission-critical to integrate video across your site? Will creating a mobile-friendly site be your do or die? Is it cross-platform social media engagement or bust? When it comes to your time and effort, how vital are these pieces of the Internet marketing pie?

Of course anything can change at any time, but from the perspective you have today, how do you rank these Internet marketing initiatives’ relative importance for your holistic SEO strategy in the new year?

If the tactic doesn’t apply to you or your business, select N/A. If the tactic has already been completed and will not be revisited in 2010, select N/A.

If there’s a tactic that figures prominently into your 2010 Internet marketing strategy that isn’t included on the list, it’d be awesome if you could drop it in the comments. And a note in the comments about your reasons for rating something high or low would be above and beyond nifty.

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4 responses to “Reader Survey: What’s Your SEO Priority in 2010?”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Thanks for participating in the survey, dotcompals! I’ll be posting the survey results this week and I’ll update this post with the link. :)

  2. dotcompals writes:

    I ‘ve participated in the survey, which I think is very good. Is there anyway, i can see the results?

  3. ppc management writes:

    To make a valuable impact, SEO has to be understood by more than just an organisation’s search marketers.

  4. Perfect SEo writes:

    Social media marketing, as well as the use of original content translated into different languages to capture a wider market, will be top priority in 2010

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