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May 2005 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

May 31, 2005

Extra! Extra!

Hurrah, it’s the end of the month. That means it’s time for our monthly newsletter. This month we’re featuring how to deal with the problem of dynamic sites by implementing a mod rewrite. We’re also getting back to basics with our look at building a theme via silos. All this and the usual news wrap […]

Internet Advertising

On Friday, May 27, John Batelle wrote a blog about the increasing amount of money spent on Internet advertising, “Online ads at 12.3 Billion this year“. Batelle’s blog references an article concerning Goldman Sachs’ (among others) predictions on Internet advertising this year, “Goldman Sachs Predicts $12.3 Billion Online Ad Market In ’05“. Some of the […]

May 27, 2005

Ask Jeeves Q & A Session

According to Search Engine Roundtable, Jim Lanzone, the Senior VP from Ask Jeeves, will be answering questions in a live Q & A session, hosted by Cre8asite forums. You can visit the forum and ask him questions now through Monday. He will be answering questions starting on Sunday and continuing through Monday. Here are a […]

Yahoo wants a piece of your mind

It’s rare that I look at a product and say out loud, “this is cool.” But Yahoo! Mindset is actually very cool. Being of the research mindset most of the time, I hate getting back SERPs full of stores trying to sell me something when what I want is information. Of course, those times when […]

May 26, 2005

Google, now will you admit 302 hijacking is a problem?

I’m not even going to attempt to put it better than Danny does. He takes Google to task for ignoring the 302 problem and taking two days to fix their own instance of hijacking. Funny, this type of inattention is exactly what made people get turned off from the portals of the past, when they […]

AskJeeves answers

Today at AJ we see the release of two new features. Seeking to give a better result to the user the new features are answers and zoom. The Zoom service works based on Teoma’s already existing clustering technology. Offering three options–narrow your search, expand search and related names-the service works by identifying communities rather than […]

Just a short post to point out an interesting article. Jean Veranis of Technologies du Langage examines TrustRank in detail. It’s a great, deeply thoughtful look at the new patent and what it really means in terms of implementation and the search industry. While there is much about the post that is open to debate, […]

May 25, 2005

New and improved.

New: Yahoo offers personalized movie recommendations. It’s easy to use and some what addicting. You’re asked to give your approximate age, decide if you watch more art film than mainstream films and grade a few starter films then Yahoo will offer up recommendations for films currently in theatres, films on television and films being released […]

May 24, 2005

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Microsoft’s Bill Gates revealed the seriously cool looking MSN Virtual Earth was in development. It’s a direct challenge to Google’s newly renamed Google Earth (formerly Keyhole) and integrates Yahoo-like layers with satellite pictures. Or so the demo suggests. Here’s the problem. We don’t actually have anything from Microsoft yet beyond promises of how much better […]

May 23, 2005

Learn to work smarter

Search Engine Roundtable reported this morning that the ODP announced that they would be closing the site status check part of the Resource Zone forums. As always, Danny had an excellent perspective and an even more interesting suggestion. Make the OPD a wiki. Wikipedia, of course, is the enormously successful community authored encyclopedia project. Editors […]

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