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November 4, 2010

Google Local – big changes

Google has recently rolled out an update which changes the face of Local Search and search engine optimisation professionals everywhere are likely to feel the effects. Not all forms of local searches are affected and the affected ones are to different degrees. For example, a search for Sydney banks results in a standard 7 pack […]

October 27, 2010

Google Boost – Adwords for the average small business

Google has just rolled out a new product called “Boost” for Places pages, not an SEO related change, but still cool. It’s basically a slimmed down, easy to manage version of Adwords that will display advertisements on the sponsored links area of a Google search or on a Google map. This is a pretty smart […]

September 27, 2010

Google SSL search explained

Of all the recent releases Google has rolled out, SSL Search has probably received the least attention on the search engine optimisation blogs I frequent. Despite this lack of coverage there are some interesting points to note and some implications for webmasters, not least of which is how Google really kind of ballsed it up. […]

August 10, 2010

SEO Hot Tub – 30th July 2010

Time for the bimonthly SEO Hot Tub update. Oh my God – It’s full of Charts! You know it’s been a slow week in the world of search engine optimisation when the news highlight of the 2 weeks previous was the redesign of Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT). The crew at Bing has finally gotten around […]

July 1, 2010

SEO update for June 2010

Reflections in a coffee cup

1. SEO News Key news items for June: a) Google gets Caffeinated Back in August of 2009, Google announced their plans to super charge their indexing structure by pouring a mixture of hot coffee and Red Bull over all their servers, thereby making them faster and more efficient in the mornings (I kid, obviously). In […]

June 8, 2010

Universal Search – Get yourself a pin on the map


SMX has long since come and gone, but there are still some points to cover, or at least worth an honourable mention. Next up on the agenda is Local search – getting your business a pin on the map could give you that boost you need, in more ways than one. First of all it’s […]

May 17, 2010

Universal Search – Digital Asset Optimisation

Universal Search

One of the highlights on most Sydney SEO’s and SEM’s calendars is SMX (that, and SEOToolset Training delivered by Bruce Clay). It’s a chance to meet other people in the business, bounce around ideas and theories, and gain some nice insights into areas of search engine optimisation and marketing that are often ignored or postponed […]

March 31, 2010

Personalised search, breaking the bad news

Personalised search, breaking the bad news

When meeting someone new, questions about what you do for a living will invariably arise. Of the 2 and a bit years I’ve been working in search engine optimisation, my reply to those questions was frequently met with blank stares, especially from the older generation (to whom I now just reply, “I work in IT”). […]

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