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March 11, 2013

The Search Police: Matt & Duane’s Excellent Search Engine Adventure #14B #Liveblog


On the screen a Bill and Ted video plays. As a phone booth lands in the Circle K parking lot Bill says “I think there’s something afoot.” Now this is a fun scene: Danny is dressed as time traveling companion Rufus, Matt and Duane are dressed as Bill and Ted. They’re all carrying electric guitars. […]

Ready, Aim, Fire… Then Retarget #12D #Liveblog


Marty Weintraub @aimClear is sharing a tactical retargeting field guide for really smart marketers. Every PPC agency in the world is calling themselves a DSP because it’s not really hard to do it. We all want a slice of it. Retargeting is a simple concept. Someone comes to your website, touches you for whatever certain […]

Essential SEO Analytics: The Performance Metrics That Truly Count #Liveblog #11B


Rhea Drysdale @Rhea is setting the context: don’t take every recommendation and try to implement it, but do implement something. Tie your business goals to your metrics. “Welcome to the new age.” This is a song and it was in the back of her mind when she put this presentation together. SEO is evolving, it […]

March 8, 2013

Mobile, Marketing and Science Fiction with SMX West Speaker Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker

Mobile marketing. We keep hearing about it, talking about it and being advised by Google and others that we have to stand up and pay attention to the multiscreen world we live in. And it’s true. Pretty soon, we’ll be moving out of the “this is a cool idea, let’s do it someday” phase into a more pressing requirement. And it’s coming fast.

Scott Brinker is co-founder and CTO of ion interactive and author of the blog Chief Marketing Technologist. There, he discusses more traditional marketing concepts tied to the technology we have at our fingertips today.

Instead of talking tactics, I wanted to explore with him the “why” behind mobile marketing. So today, we’ll hear more about the driving force behind the way we market, and the intersection of tech and marketing. I think you’ll enjoy his insight.

March 6, 2013

SMX West 2013 Liveblog Schedule & Where We’ll Be

We are exhibiting at SMX West

Holy heatmap have you seen the SMX West agenda? This is some next level content. Getting to attend an educational series like the one going down next week in San Jose is truly one of the perks of the job. Of course it’s not all fun times and smart insights while at SMX; I earn my keep by liveblogging. And with an agenda like this, picking the sessions to attend has been the hardest part! But I did it, and after the fold down you’ll see the SMX West sessions you’ll find on the blog next week. Ad retargeting, YouTube PPC, Google Knowledge Graph, Facebook Graph Search, authorship and online identity — it’s all here!

Read more of SMX West 2013! Liveblog Schedule and Where We’ll Be.

March 5, 2013

Creep-Free Retargeting and More with SMX West Speaker Susan Waldes


If you’re already investing in PPC, retargeting is a logical next step. Retargeting, or remarketing as it’s sometimes called, allows you to keep track of your visitors and serves up your ads as they browse the Web to remind them of your products and services. But there’s an art to remarketing, and today, as part […]

March 4, 2013

YouTube and Video Marketing with SMX West Speaker Jake Larsen

Jake Larsen

SMX West is a four-day search marketing conference taking place in San Jose, CA, next Monday 3/11 through Thursday 3/14. If you’ve attended an SMX conference before, there’s a good chance you’re already registered to attend next week’s event – since you know just the kind of first-class information and action you can expect. If you haven’t attended SMX or aren’t sure if you can make it next week, if you’re at all on the fence, or if you’re not sure what the payoff of attendance might be, read on.

This is an interview with Jake Larsen, an SMX West speaker and a brilliant YouTube marketer. I asked Jake to explain the critical components of using YouTube as a marketing channel. As you’ll see, if Jake is any indication of the quality ideas, tactics and advice shared by the hundreds of SMX West speakers next week, well, you just can’t miss it. If you find yourself convinced after reading this interview, be sure to register with discount code SMXW13bruceclay for 10% off. And sign up for Bruce Clay’s SEO workshop for a one-day SEO intensive that will boost your week and Digital marketing skill set.

But right now, let’s think video. Have you created a video for your business? Have you considered the engagement and awareness possibilities of YouTube? Are you wondering where to begin? Jake Larsen is the video marketing manager at ZAGG, an electronics accessories company whose YouTube channel ZAGGtv boasts 23 million channel views and improved online sales 65%. YouTube even asked ZAGG to be a YouTube Ambassador, tasked with helping other businesses use YouTube to best effect. Follow Jake on Twitter, @JakeLarsen7, to access his ever-ready insights into leveraging the opportunity of YouTube and video for business. Case in point…

Read the interview with Jake Larsen.

January 28, 2013

SMX West + SEO Workshop with Bruce Clay – Rates Go Up Friday!

Education and professional self improvement are works in progress and it’s never too late to start. However, they say the early bird gets the worm, and in the case of next month’s SMX West in San Jose, that worm is a discount on registration. Early bird pricing for the conference ends this Friday. Add to that 10% discount code SMXW13bruceclay and the justification for this investment is overwhelming.

Just be sure not to miss the SEO Workshop Bruce presents at SMX West to take full advantage of this opportunity to learn from search and social thought leaders.

Read more about conference and workshop rates, additional discounts and cost value, and what to expect from the SEO workshop at SMX West.

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