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April 6, 2009

Cogentis, Chris Dimmock – Up Close With Google AdWords Quality Score

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Chris is the MD of Cognetis, an organization that provides website marketing strategies & search engine marketing services. This session takes a fresh look at the current state of the Google quality score, how it is implemented and tips on using it to your advantage.

What is quality score?

  • It is a dynamic variable assigned to each of your keywords
  • Its calculated using a variety of factors and measures

3 components in Adwords search QS

  • Click Through weight-largest single factor, now accounts around 60%
  • Ad to keyword relevancy- how well your ad campaign is structured 30%
  • Landing page relevancy- worth about 10%, relevance of landing page, ease of use etc

Quality Score and Ad Rank

  • Adrank = maximum bid X quality score
  • Actual cost per click = Adrank of the advertiser below you/ your quality score and add one cent to that answer
  • Improving quality score reduces your CPC

Chris also suggested applying some core aspects of SEO to your Adwords landing page in order to optimise your campaign. Some maths in this presentation however it was pretty simple stuff, unlike per usual I didn’t even need a calculator. Some great insights into lowering your CPC in Google Adwords.

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