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December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

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‘Twas the day before Christmas and white hat SEOs
Were excited for presents with ribbons and bows!
They had been nice, and Santa knew well
They were deserving of gifts and jingling bells!

To the Bruce Clay, Inc. holiday party they came,
Bringing good kin along for the games!
And who but ol’ Santa Clay did appear
With a bag full of fun and love for the New Year!

I just wanted to add one final dash of holiday cheer to the blog before leaving for the long holiday weekend. Here’s a quick handful of fun holiday finds:

Santa Clay
  • The Bruce Clay, Inc. holiday party was an atomic blast! Check out the picture gallery on Flickr. A special thanks to our in-house event photographer, Tom! ;)
  • On the Bruce Clay Australasia blog you’ll find an SEO’s Christmas wish list, and there’s a little something in there for everyone.
  • Bloggers with a sense of humor will get a chuckle out of the three wise bloggers.
  • If you missed it before, view the Bruce Clay, Inc. office all decked out with lights, garlands and snowflakes!
  • Not holiday related but certainly end of the year related, next week the annual Bruce Clay, Inc. Best of Search Conferences will be posted on the blog. See last year’s agenda for an idea of what’s to come.

Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Christmas! To all our friends, happy holidays!

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One response to “Happy Holidays 2009”

  1. reactorr writes:

    Virginia, is that Bruce wearing the beard??

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