5 Powerful Soft Skills That Every SEO Should Have

SEO professionals improve their soft skills by communicating with each other.
Sure, you can crank out a mean technical audit. But can you communicate your findings in a way that the client understands — and that gets them excited about making those 100 changes to their site?

Experts are great at what they do, but many of them leave the things they aren’t so great at to others. But that doesn’t always work in every professional situation.

So in this article, I’ll outline five soft skills to work on to take your SEO service to the next level:

    1. Communication skills
    2. Relationship skills
    3. Time management skills
    4. Work ethic
    5. Prioritization skills

FAQ: What are the key soft skills that can elevate an SEO expert’s performance?

What Are Soft Skills and Why Are They Important in SEO?

SEO is not just about finding out what’s wrong with a website and telling your clients or coworkers about it. To make an impact, you need to cultivate desirable soft skills.

Soft skills are those that are complementary to your hard skills. In SEO, your hard skills are your core technical skills, such as using spreadsheets, creating SEO strategies, executing SEO tactics, and so on.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are all those extras that help professionals succeed. Think your work ethic, your communication skills, your relationship building, and so on.

If you work at an SEO agency, you might have different people on the team to help bridge the gap between your hard skills and soft skills. But that doesn’t mean soft skills are no longer important.

And, if you’re a solopreneur or small business, you wear every hat. You’re probably involved in the SEO work as well as the client management, sales, etc.

Let’s also not forget about in-house SEOs, who often need to be the champion for every recommendation they make. Soft skills can go a long way to getting things implemented at work.

The bottom line is that being good at SEO technical skills is terrific, but if you are not so good at other professional attributes, working on them can help you level up and get things done faster.

5 Powerful Soft Skills for SEOs

1. Communication Skills

Communication may be the No. 1 thing to master in your professional SEO role. This doesn’t come easily to everyone, but it remains important because communication is the cornerstone of work and client relationships.

I’ve said before that SEO needs to be a company-wide initiative to succeed. That puts the SEO specialist in the position of advocate and, at times, teacher. It may be essential, for example, to explain why slow page speed hurts the business so you can get things done.

There are many aspects to communication. These skills include active listening, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, presenting, educating, negotiating, writing, etc.

It might be obvious to you as you think about that list how each of these could play out in your day-to-day role as an SEO professional.

So consider where your communication strengths and weaknesses lie, and commit to working on one new communication skill at your leisure.

For example, you don’t need to aspire to write a novel, but perhaps you could brush up on your email or report-building skills. Maybe you need to work on how you educate clients on complex SEO concepts. Or maybe you could learn ways to present data findings in a more engaging, positive way.

Communication plays a critical role in avoiding the reasons an SEO project fails. For more help, this article at 3QDigital.com has some useful tips on communicating with clients to help get SEO work done (though these tips could apply to any work relationship).

2. Relationship Skills

As much as day-to-day business seems like a tactical job, it really boils down to relationships.

We are all people trying to get things done. And we each have different priorities. So being able to navigate relationships in the workplace and with clients is critical to the outcome.

For example, knowing why Sally in IT won’t make the website changes needed for your SEO strategy can help you figure out a mutually beneficial solution.

But first, you have to have a relationship with Sally. And you need to respect what is important to her and what she brings to the table.

Many people may not think about the fact that relationships are essential to leadership. This Oxford Group article gives five key conversations to have with others at work (which you can apply to coworkers or clients) to build effective relationships.

3. Time Management Skills

Being able to meet deadlines and prioritize work can be one of the most difficult tasks for any professional. It always seems there are more things to do than time in the day. The art and science of time management lies in structure and approach.

As an SEO, time management is critical as you not only juggle competing deadlines from clients or coworkers but also put out the occasional fire and maybe even manage a team.

If you’re self-employed, you have to add all the other day-to-day business tasks that need to be done.

Depending on your work situation, you may have a lot or a little flexibility in how you structure your day. You may, in fact, have team members or managers to help you prioritize, or you might have to figure it out on your own.

Either way, knowing how to manage your own schedule can keep you saner. And, when you have these skills, you can communicate to your coworkers and clients with confidence that you are on top of it (and on your terms).

Just search for “time management tips,” and you’ll find endless articles of advice for those who want to get their schedules in check.

4. Work Ethic

Discipline, follow-through, and initiative — are all hallmarks of a good work ethic.

Any SEO project is worth doing well and on time. And with many SEOs working from home nowadays (and for some, that never changed), a strong work ethic is what will ensure the work is quality and delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

Much of this starts with establishing processes — both in how you get your work done and how you structure your day (see time management above).

And while work ethic is more of an intrinsic soft skill — something that comes naturally to some people, while others have to try harder — that doesn’t mean you can’t work at it.

This article at LifeHack.org gives lots of ideas on how to build a strong work ethic. Forming good habits is the driver.

5. Prioritization Skills

When you look at the massive amount of SEO work that is ahead of you, your company, and/or your clients, do you feel overwhelmed? If so, then probably so does everyone else.

Being able to prioritize the most important SEO tasks that will make the biggest impact in the fastest time is critical. This gives you quick wins and paves the way for implementing SEO on a larger scale.

Final Thoughts

Soft skills like those mentioned in this article are highly sought after in any SEO professional, whether you work at an agency, in-house, or on your own.

At the end of the day, any SEO expert can be great at their technical skills. By building soft skills, they can take their role to a new level of effectiveness.

We’re hiring! If you have what it takes to be part of our team of expert SEO analysts, content writers, and more, check out our employment page for more information.

FAQ: What are the key soft skills that can elevate an SEO expert’s performance?

In the competitive search engine optimization (SEO) landscape, technical expertise alone is no longer sufficient to excel. While proficiency in algorithms and analytics remains paramount, cultivating a range of soft skills can propel an SEO expert’s performance to new heights.

Effective Communication: Building Bridges for Success

Clear and concise communication is the cornerstone of every successful SEO endeavor. An SEO specialist who can articulate complex technical insights to clients, team members, or stakeholders bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical worlds. Beyond sharing data and results, effective communication involves active listening, negotiating strategies, and presenting findings in a compelling manner. Such skills foster stronger collaboration and alignment, and ultimately drive the implementation of successful SEO initiatives.

Relationship Building: Navigating the Collaborative Landscape

In the realm of SEO, relationships matter. Effective relationship building entails understanding colleagues’ priorities, appreciating their perspectives, and finding common ground. Whether collaborating with developers to implement technical changes or engaging with clients to align strategies, establishing rapport and trust is pivotal. Building relationships fosters a positive work environment, encourages open dialogue, and leads to more seamless execution of SEO projects.

Time Management: Balancing Competing Priorities

The fast-paced world of SEO demands impeccable time management. Juggling multiple tasks, deadlines, and unexpected challenges is par for the course. A successful SEO professional must prioritize tasks based on impact and allocate time effectively. Embracing time management tools, setting realistic goals, and establishing structured routines can prevent burnout and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently.

Work Ethic: Commitment to Excellence

Exhibiting a strong work ethic sets the foundation for successful SEO endeavors. Professionals who approach their tasks with discipline, initiative, and dedication consistently deliver high-quality results. A robust work ethic fuels meticulous attention to detail and thoroughness, traits that are indispensable in the meticulous world of SEO optimization. Whether working in a team or independently, a steadfast work ethic drives consistent performance and reinforces trust.

Prioritization Skills: Strategic Decision-Making

With many SEO tasks vying for attention, prioritizing strategically is paramount. Identifying high-impact tasks that drive results and focusing on them optimally maximizes efforts. SEO experts who excel in prioritization understand the larger objectives, assess tasks’ urgency and importance, and align their efforts with overarching goals. This skill empowers professionals to achieve quick wins and execute SEO strategies with a holistic perspective.

Elevating Your SEO Expertise

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, mastering these soft skills is pivotal to achieving excellence. While technical knowledge forms the foundation, the cultivation of effective communication, relationship building, time management, work ethic, and prioritization truly elevates an SEO expert’s performance. Integrating these skills into your practice allows you to navigate challenges with finesse, create meaningful collaborations, and ultimately drive impactful SEO outcomes.

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay Inc., a global digital marketing firm providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, SEO-friendly web architecture, and SEO tools and education. Connect with him on LinkedIn or through the BruceClay.com website.

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28 Replies to “5 Powerful Soft Skills That Every SEO Should Have”

It necessitates a certain set of soft talents that raise the bar for industry experts. These five potent soft skills—from adaptation to effective communication—are the key components of success in the always-changing field of search engine optimization.

Soft skills are defined as the personal characteristics that are not easily measured by objective tests but that can lead to success in any profession. They include, but are not limited to, self-awareness, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. They are important in SEO because they are skills that will help you better understand your client’s needs and how to work with them.

As an SEO specialist, you will do keyword research to determine popularity, competitiveness, and relevance, so you can create the best possible list of keywords to focus on. As we’ve said, SEO takes more than just keywords, and optimization will be part of your role as an SEO specialist.

In addition to this article, some points which cannot be ignored as an SEO expert:

Critical Thinking.
Speaking & Writing Ability.
Technical & Programming Skills.
Social Skills.
Analytics Skills.
Data Skills.
Drive, Motivation & Adaptability.
A Sense of Humor.

All valuable skills that I know are worth spending more time working on. The article is very interesting.

This is a beautiful blog with valuable content. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Bruce Clay, please advise examples of “Paid courses, manuals, instructions”. suggestion for the next post

This article gives us amazing and informative content about the 5 powerful soft skills that every SEO should have. These skills help in the optimization of SEO. Communication performs a vital position in keeping off the motives a search engine optimization task fails.

Thanks for the informative and helpful post, obviously in your blog everything is good.

Juan Mark

The most effective trend of SEO optimization depends upon the ranking factor, how to load your website properly, and if you want a more detailed professional SEO service.

Your article gives helpful information for beginners. Thank you…

Very helpful for beginners

The article is absolutely correct as there are many soft skills that are absolutely necessary for an SEO agency.

What a fascinating blog, the vast majority of the SEO’s never work on their administrative abilities and fizzle or become terrible supervisors when appointed with some power jobs.

Nice guide on SEO softskills.

The way how you educate clients on complex SEO concepts plays a key role.

This was a great post, I came to SEO via a sales and marketing background so my communication and relationship building skills are a strength, but time management is one of those soft skills that’s not very sexy. It’s definitely my biggest weekness and one I need to constantly work on. I find I’m often doing the most interesting things, not always the most important. Thanks for the great article, it’s a good reminder to work on my weakness and improve it.

Really very useful and valuable tips.. Thanks!

Those skills are very valuable. I would rank communication and time management as very important skills to have. As a business owner we try to improve those skills with a couple employees we have.

Thanks for providing the required skill set that every SEO should possess.

This article is really very interesting and effective.


Wow… Very informative .

What an interesting blog, most of the SEO’s never work on their managerial skills and fail or become bad bosses when assigned with some authority roles.

All valuable skills that I know are worth spending more time working on. This serves as a great reminder for me, thanks!

Yes, the seo person require this essential skill to succeed in his job role. and the skill of time management is the top priority in their role. Because seo is the highly dynamic job role.

your 5th Prioritization Skills

Prioritization of seo on old page or Prioritization of seo in new creating page. what should i do??

Robert Stefanski

Hi anish,

We recommend prioritizing SEO on both old AND new pages.

Part of the ability to be ranked is whether Google trusts you. Given enough time, your site will have many pages of outdated content. Google will not trust you if your pages are three years old, so you’ll want to ensure your old content is refreshed and optimized to demonstrate authority.

On the other hand, in order to drive traffic and attract audiences to your site, you must have fresh content that is unique, engaging and relevant.

So plan to spend about half of your priorities on refreshing old content and developing new content.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for providing such a useful post about SEO skills. Useful information.


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