A 6-Step Guide for Repurposing Content

Creating great content for your audience is necessary but can be a lot of work. Many marketers and business owners save time by repurposing the awesome content they’ve already created. Repurposing content saves time and keeps your content current. This guide will go through six steps to effectively repurpose your content.

Step 1: Create an Informative Article or Blog Post

Through research you’ve already done on your industry, curate what you know into a blog post. To make your blog content stand out, incorporate eye-catching images or graphics.

Step 2: Transform Your Content into a Slide Presentation

Take your blog content and condense it into a slide presentation. Create a summarized version of your article, highlighting each key point on a separate slide. Enhance the slides with captivating images and graphics that reinforce the message. Platforms like Slideshare allow you to upload your presentation and cross-promote it on LinkedIn. Tools such as Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Haiku Deck can help you create visually appealing slides.

Step 3: Convert Your Content into an Audio File

To cater to auditory learners, transform your blog content into an audio file. Record yourself reading the content and edit it. Then, you can upload it to audio hosting platforms like Soundcloud and embed the audio recording on your website and/or blog. Alternatively, utilize a WordPress plugin that offers a text-to-speech solution to give your content a voice. Consider supplementing your content with additional insights and commentary through the audio format.

Step 4: Create a Video Presentation

Combine the audio and slide content to create a short video presentation. Upload the video to platforms like YouTube and optimize it for search engines. You can either create the video yourself using YouTube’s video editor tool, which allows you to overlay audio clips onto slide images, or conduct a Google Hangout and save it as a video on YouTube. Videos are highly engaging and can attract a broader audience.

Step 5: Craft an Infographic

For snack-sized content that is easily shareable on social media, transform your blog post into an infographic. Infographics can provide new insights, present statistics, or emphasize key points from your article. Use online tools like Piktochart or Canva to create visually appealing infographics. If needed, you can also hire professionals from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to assist you in creating impactful infographics.

Step 6: Promote Your Repurposed Content

The final step is promoting your repurposed content across various mediums. Inform everyone you know about your content and offer them the flexibility to consume it in their preferred way. Whether reading the original article on your blog, accessing the slides on Slideshare, listening to the audio file as a podcast, or watching the video presentation, give your audience options. Providing content in multiple formats accommodates different learning preferences and improves the overall user experience.

Repurposing content engages your audience through different formats and extends the longevity of your content. Not to mention, it saves valuable time. Following our six steps, you can start repurposing your content today!

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FAQ: How can I effectively repurpose my content to engage a wider audience?

The art of repurposing content has emerged as a crucial strategy to captivate a broader audience. Leveraging this approach maximizes the value of your existing content and enhances your reach and engagement. As an expert in the field, let me guide you through the key steps to repurpose your content and amplify its impact effectively.

  1. Understand Your Audience Dynamics:

Before embarking on the repurposing journey, delve into the analytics of your existing content. Identify the pieces that have resonated the most with your audience. Recognizing your audience’s preferences and behaviors provides a solid foundation for tailoring your content.

  1. Uncover Untapped Platforms:

Explore diverse platforms beyond your usual channels. From podcasts to visual content on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, each medium has its unique audience. Understand the nuances of these platforms and adapt your content to suit their expectations. This diversification can significantly broaden your audience base.

  1. Transform, Don’t Duplicate:

Repurposing doesn’t mean duplicating. Instead, transform your content into different formats. If you have a well-received blog post, consider turning it into an engaging video or a podcast. This attracts a different audience and caters to various learning preferences.

  1. Keep SEO at the Core:

Integrate relevant keywords strategically. Identify the primary and secondary keywords associated with your content and infuse them seamlessly. This not only boosts your search engine visibility but also aligns your repurposed content with the search intent of your target audience.

  1. Create Compelling Visuals:

Visual appeal is paramount. Invest time in crafting eye-catching visuals that complement your content. Infographics, charts, and custom images enhance the aesthetic appeal and make the information more digestible for your audience.

As you embark on this content repurposing journey, remember that adaptability and creativity are your allies. By adapting and tailoring your content for various platforms and media platforms, you can reach a wider audience.

Step-by-Step Guide: Repurposing Your Content for Maximum Engagement

  1. Audience Analysis:

Begin by analyzing your existing content to understand your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

  1. Platform Exploration:

Identify untapped platforms beyond your usual channels that align with your audience’s interests.

  1. Transformation, Not Duplication:

Repurpose your content into different formats, such as videos, podcasts, or visually appealing graphics.

  1. SEO Integration:

Strategically infuse relevant keywords to enhance search engine visibility and align with audience search intent.

  1. Visual Appeal:

Invest in compelling visuals, including infographics and custom images, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your content.

Continue these steps with creativity and adaptability, ensuring each piece of repurposed content contributes to a comprehensive and engaging online presence.

Understanding your audience and diversifying platforms are crucial elements in effectively repurposing content. Following these expert tips can help expand your reach while making an impressionful statement in today’s ever-evolving digital sphere.

This article was updated on December 14, 2023.  

Niki Payne is a writer specializing in lifestyle, op-ed, local community, dating and entertainment content. She likes singing karaoke, playing softball, and learning about online marketing and business development.

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Thanks Niki,

Great that found your blog because i was little confuse that to use my blog content in other ways of marketing.

Hi Niki,
I thank you for describing the of repurposing content on websites. I will follow your 6 steps to enhance my seo strategies and get more targeted traffic to my site.

Hi Niki-
Fantastic ways to repurpose content in new and refreshing ways — talk about giving your content a facelift! Thank you so much for including Haiku Deck on the list; it’s a great deck and I’m so glad we had the honor of featuring it in our Featured Gallery at https://www.haikudeck.com/gallery/featured.

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Thanks for the ideas lot to learn ….very informative

repurposing content is very intresting and usefull for audience.Thanks for sharing this article.


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