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September 8, 2010

SEO Training Course Updated; Deep Discounts for Returning Students

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In 1999, Bruce Clay started sharing his white hat SEO methodology and the SEOToolSet suite of proprietary diagnostic tools on a major scale. The SEOToolSet training course, formulated by one of the industry’s founding fathers has educated thousands of business and marketing professionals on the science and art of SEO.

And so we’re excited to announce that former students of any of Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEO training classes is extended a VIP 25% discount for the newly updated SEO training. Any student who took the SEOToolSet Training course or Bruce Clay’s SEO training at a conference before July 2010 is eligible for the discount through our just-announced Student Loyalty Program. The fully updated and expanded course includes a subscription to and instruction for SEOToolSet® Version 5.

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Our SEO training, both our three-day standard and two-day advanced courses, are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of the SEO community, the changing technologies of search engines, the growing repertoire of Web development, and the ever-updating best practices of search engine marketing.

Take today’s big news, for instance. How can an Internet marketer optimize a website for the Google Instant environment, on top of blended search, behavioral search, personalized search, real-time search, vertical search, mobile search and local search, just to name a few of Google’s search subtleties?

Obstacles and opportunities present themselves daily. Our objective at Bruce Clay, Inc. is to know every feature of the search landscape so that our clients and training attendees can benefit from our expertise. Over the years we’ve been proud to explain the enduring SEO strategies and tactics that have helped our clients succeed despite changing search engine guidelines and the never-ending cycle of on-site and off-site requirements. That’s why we’re dedicated to continually improving the course and making it more accessible — and we want to start by extending the benefits of the newly updated course to our former students.

If you’ve attended our SEO training course in the past, know that there’s more where that came from. Returning students will receive 25% off the cost of the standard and/or advanced certification SEO courses being held through the end of 2010. We’re also offering a $300 second-person discount on the standard course when you register two attendees together. Take advantage of the updated SEO training course and the SEOToolSet Version 5 at the best prices ever available. The industry never stops growing and neither should you.

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3 responses to “SEO Training Course Updated; Deep Discounts for Returning Students”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    I’ve gotta agree, Tom. Best deal we’ve ever offered and already worth every dollar.

    Manchester, here are the dates for you:

    Simi Valley, CA
    * September 13-17 (Standard & Advanced)
    * October 11-15 (Standard & Advanced)
    * November 15-19 (Standard & Advanced)

    Long Island, NY
    * October 18-22 (Standard & Advanced)

    Check out more info on the training dates scheduled through the rest of the year by visiting

  2. web designer manchester writes:

    Hi, can you post more about new SEO training courses that will take place in the future? Thanks. I appreciate.

  3. Tom Aikins writes:

    Sounds like a good deal on SEO training.

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