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December 6, 2010

Comprehensive 2010 SEO Guide to Keywords


If SEO was the DeLorean in Back to the Future, the flux capacitor would be the keywords — the device that makes time travel possible. And we’d need to reach 88 miles per hour to activate the flux capacitor. It’s the exact same scenario with keywords. Should you choose the wrong keywords, very rarely will it just happen that your site will gain enough speed to obtain rankings and pull in traffic.

To help us out in our time-travel endeavors, the big search engines and a few other players have provided us with free keyword tools. Not all work well. Not all are useful. Even the best can’t provide exact data for the here and now. Just like the Doc’s DeLorean, we know what we see is from a previous point in time.

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August 19, 2010

SEO Lab by Search Engine Watch — SES San Francisco

seo lab panel at ses

My third day at SES San Francisco wrapped up with a killer SEO lab. It was surprisingly not that popular with the other conference-goers, which allowed us to really pester the speakers with our questions and comments. So that was great.

The moderator was Jonathan Allen, the director of SEW, and the speakers included Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) who had to dip out early for another presentation, Jessica Bowman of and Maile Ohye, Google’s Senior Developer Programs Engineer.

The lab was populated with SEO-concerned webmasters and marketers from beginning to advanced skill sets. First, it started as a site review. All three of the speakers offered tips and suggestions for their submitted sites (with the owners in the audience able to shout out questions) and it was cool in a semi-basic sort of way.

Once Rand left, things really picked up (by coincidence of course) and the quality of conversation had nothing to do with his departure, simply because Maile started to talk more about Google. Once the small audience realized she possessed some of the super-secretive-sauce that Google runs off of, it was then I felt bad for everyone else who chose to go to a different session!

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