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April 24, 2009

AIMIA-Customer Experience and Usability Workshop

Bruce Clay Australia is a member of [AIMIA ]( INTERACTIVE MEDIA INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION). Networking with the wider variety of marketing peeps is important for us, we like to stick our noses into their business in the hopes that they might find what we do (mostly [search engine optimisation]( and [SEM]( somewhat interesting! [How could they […]

April 23, 2009

Google adds Local Search Volumes to the Keyword Tool


Google recently added a new metric to their Keyword Tool which will help and save time for a lot of Internet marketers around the globe. The new metric is the “Local Search Volumes” column, providing data from the country and language selections the user has selected. Google Adwords Help explains the metric as : “Location […]

April 9, 2009

Bruce Clay SEO Training in Sydney

The first day of training was daunting to say the least, it wasn’t the training itself that was intimidating but the coffee machines outside that required some kind of Vulcan logic processing to get working, after many attempts (and much mess) I was sufficiently caffeinated and ready to dive into Metas, URLs, keywords and links. […]

April 6, 2009

SMX Sydney Site Clinic

During the site clinic the team of experts speaking and attending SMX Sydney will attempt to show ways to optimise several sites chosen at random. Following are key points the team made regarding the sites chosen for inspection. – Rand Fishkin & Greg Boser Misspelling of URL not redirect to main site On t-shirts […]

Steven Power on PPC for the SME

The 1st session in the SME Track is “PPC for the SME” by Steven Power, CEO of ReachLocal. In 2006, Steven began working with Netus, one of Australia’s pre-eminent technology investment companies, focused on bringing proven technology-based services and products to the Australian market. Netus entered into a joint venture with ReachLocal Inc to found […]

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