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September 12, 2008

Friday Recap 09/12/2008

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We’re having our own little Random Acts of Kindness Day at Bruce Clay, Inc. You should join us and do something nice today for someone else. Perhaps you should send your favorite blogger a cupcake in a jar? Just a suggestion.

Ah, a year later and the whole Pluto debacle is still funny. Poor little guy.

RankedHard got some giggles (and some slack) for their rendition of the SEO Squares. That Rand sure is pretty. And Vanessa’s naked. Yowsa!

More people are having dreams about Matt Cutts. That’s really just disturbing on many, many levels. Maybe if SEOs had actual social lives they’d have better dreams? Try going outside tomorrow.

The Online Journalism Blog gave us the 1000 things I’ve learned about blogging, but only actually offered up 99. I guess lesson 100 is that you can lie when making up lists. [And lesson 101 is that journalists can’t count. –Susan] Or that numbers are highly overrated, which is actually something I’ve been saying for years.

Komarketing Associates had a really great post this week detailing how 8 of your favorite search bloggers got their starts in the business. Totally love it.

Twistori has me mesmerized in a voyeur kind of way. It’s good to get a glimpse at the thoughts and tweets of total strangers. And to look into their bedroom windows. What?

SEOaware offers clients some advice on how to get along with their Web-services provider. While we would never, ever, talk to our beloved clients that way (we <3 you)...we may print it out for some of them to read. Or accidentally slip it in with their contract. I'm kidding, I'm kidding! We love you. (Bruce, please don't fire me.)

Speaking of rants, my buddy Eric Lander got his rant on this week taking aim at Google and blasting them for hurting small businesses, while Matt McGee gives some solid advice about how to spot directory red flags.

If you have a guilty pleasure for all things vapid, there’s a contest in the works to be the new The Hills blogger. It may be a good way to kill off some extra brain cells.

The Worst SEO Blog Ever wrote a letter to Plurk calling the Twitter-wannabe just a little bit needy and then all hell broke loose in the comments. It’s the funniest thing you’ll read all week. Other than YOUmoz Newb Pwns Spammer, of course. Poor little spammer “girl”.

Shimon Sandler continues to be my favorite SEO gourmet. This time around he tells us how to make a chocolate chip cookie cake. I do believe I love you, Mr. Sandler. :)

Mark Cuban says when he dies he wants to come back as himself. Could have been worse, he could have said he wanted to come back as Robert Scoble. The world doesn’t need another one of that guy. Kidding, Robert.

Robert actually unleashed some tough love to start ups this week that I really agreed with. Don’t kill the messenger; it’s not Robert’s fault your startup sucks.

To all the unstable and oversensitive bloggers out there (holla!), Web Worker Daily gives some advice on what to do when your work is criticized publicly. I was surprised to find that “lock yourself in your room for days” and “crawl under your desk to cry” were not included. Oversight, I say.

If you were bummed that Coney Island’s Astroland is now more, Rides-4-U gives you the opportunity to buy them so you can create your own backyard wonderland! You can get your own set of bumper cars for only $125,000.

And lastly, The Consumerist is on a plan to destroy me by announcing the TombStone pizza vending machine. Um, hello, how do we get ten of these for the Bruce Clay offices? Someone needs to look into this. They also piqued my interest with their advice for creating “art”.

Things I Learned on BoingBoing This Week:

  • Last winter Susan and I spent an afternoon trying to conquer the art of making paper snowflakes with a sheet of paper. [We had to look up instructions on the Interwebz because we didn’t have a second grader handy –Susan] This guy made a desk out of one sheet of steel. He wins.
  • In 1947, parents kept their babies in glass boxes to help them avoid scary germs. Today we just put babies in front of glass boxes that talk at them. That’s called progress.
  • This is not less repulsive now than it was a few days ago: How to make a squirrel sandwich. The best parts occur at :44 and :55.
  • If times get rough with the current economy, Instructables tells you how to live in a school bus.
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5 responses to “Friday Recap 09/12/2008”

  1. Jill writes:

    Amusing and informative Friday Recap as usual, thanks!

  2. Burgo writes:

    The Mark Cuban link goes to a Consumerist post? Is this all a game to confuse me? :P

  3. Lisa writes:

    Jill: Aw, shucks, thanks. :)

    Burgo: Grr, my fault. Link fixed!

  4. Shimon Sandler writes:

    Hi Lisa, let me know next time you’re in NYC, and I’ll bring you some of my homebaked treats ;-)

  5. Melissa - SEO Aware writes:

    Lisa, thanks for the mention; I just found it. It felt really good to write (catharsis) and I tried to not aim it at anyone directly :-)

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