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September 8, 2006

Friday Recap 09/08/2006

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Somewhere hidden in Mountain View, CA is a Google engineer with a sense of humor. He’s called Error 409 and if you try to hurry along Google’s navigational process by clicking and re-clicking links, the two of you are going to have a problem. Barry Schwartz points to a WMW thread where a member shared the message he received from Mr. Error 409 when he tried to move a little too quickly:

“Give your mouse a break. It looks like you may have clicked the same link twice. Relax for a moment, give us a chance to respond to your first request, and then click your browser back button and try again. Thanks for your patience. — a Google engineer Error 409”

Heh, I like that.

Jeremy Schoemaker gave users his Top 10 Worst Ideas To Make Money this week. It’s one of those “for every hit there are ten ideas that flopped” kind of thing. It’s an amusing read and it’s always good to see that someone as successful as Jeremy still has a level head. This one was my favorite.

2 – ShoeMoney SEO Contest

I thought it would be fun contest to see if someone could outrank me for shoemoney. I’d like to not relive that.

Yes, I remember that.

Now someone go over and give Phil Lenssen a hug. He issued an Interlude yesterday that makes me fear his emotional well-being. Even more troubling, someone in his forum then directed him to the lyrics from Baz Lurmann’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). No one deserves that. What’s gotten in to these people? We hope you’re feeling okay, Phil! [Hey, I like that song!-Susan]

Phil had a couple great finds throughout the week, highlighting the seriousness of GBS (It’s a battle I’ve personally been fighting for awhile) and giving us never-before-seen Google China pictures. Check out this one. Can’t you just imagine a Google China employee sitting under his little umbrella and sipping a fruity drink with a strawberry lodged inside? Wait – is that neon green color Google approved? Someone’s in troooouble!

A great Wired article shows readers how to lie convincingly in order to make people believe they’re guest bloggers for popular blogs like Boing Boing, Slashdot, or Cute Overload. Apparently, it’s all about topic selection. Did I ever tell you about the Cute Overload post I wrote about those two baby monkeys who adopted a wrinkly puppy and taught him how to sign so they could communicate and cuddle? It was really good.

This is important. Go find all those AOL startup discs you’ve been using as coasters for the past five years, wipe off the sticky spillage and start storing them in air tight containers. Why? Because one eBay user just sold his AOL 1.0 Startup disc for more than $9 thousand dollars, that’s why. Nine thousand dollars.

If you’re looking for something visual to amuse yourself, Geek and Poke seems to have a handle on the Digg situation. If you’re not familiar with Geek and Poke, those guys put out some highly entertaining stuff.

Boing Boing shows users how to uncover top secret information (people are really smart), and then shows why ordering towel sets can be dangerous if you live in a small apartment (…really, really smart).

There’s a very odd Google dirt bike video circulating the Web. I’m not sure what to say about it except that the announcers are, um, charming? The whole thing has a Saturday morning cartoon vibe to it. And I feel like it should be promoting matchbox cars or little plastic dirt bikes or something.

While you’re over at YouTube, I also recommend you go listen to the Google song. It’s catchy — Google, Google, Goooooo.

The coolest thing that has ever happened to me to date: Getting a phone call from Gary Price.

No, I’m serious. I appreciate you taking the time to call, Gary. It was great to hear about all the fun things Ask is up to and to see its collaboration with IAC in full effect. RSS really is changing things.

Gary also showed me how to share my wedding registry with all of you. Cool, right?

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