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November 10, 2006

Friday Recap: Take a Gamble Edition

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You know, I leave the office for three small days and suddenly Susan is hijacking the blog to go shopping and play the no-one-loves-me game (ignore her, she hates conferences), YouTube was somehow named the “best invention: of 2006″ beating out cancer-fighting drugs and a shirt that stimulates a hug (!), and the adorable Mac guy has been banned. I feel lost and scared in this strange new world. [As far as I’m concerned this just goes to show that PC was always better. Yay, PC! Also, it’s not hijacking the blog when it used to be my job to write it, silly. –Susan]

First, you were just as sad about the Mac guy’s departure as I was, so don’t pretend you’re a loyal PC user, and second, yes it is.

Let’s seek comfort in all the fun almost-search related stuff together, shall we?

I’ve always been a big pretty big fan of the Marketing Pilgrim blog. Let’s face it, Andy Beal knows his stuff, but today he is my hero. Andy calls out Mark Cuban on being the whiny little kid he is and informs him he is free to take his self-obsessed, look-at-me-I’m-complaining-again self and kick rocks. Good riddance, I say.

This makes me laugh every time. Over at Good Morning Silicon Valley, John Paczkowski points to a hilarious video about one man expressing his excitement over the Bank of America/ MBNA merger. It’s amazing.

If you haven’t heard, Kim Krause is a Sex Goddess. Did you hear that? Kim Krause, Sex Goddess. I mean, of course she is. Look at her!

Way to keep that blog sexy, Kim.

Phil Lenssen pointed to the Simple English Wikipedia’s totally rocking and unbiased definition of the term Web 2.0, which said in part (emphasis added):

It is essentially the wet dream of Wikipedophiles, Furries and other assorted nerds.

Second Life is a clear indication of the failure of the second web – it has already degenerated into an orgy of porn, debauchery and pseudo-homosexual activity. The Wikipedia is not far behind – the idea of an Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit has created a place where the mob can rule, where ignorance can reign supreme so long as it is powered by one or more fat, basement-dwelling nerds with an unlimited supply of Doritos with a twitchy finger on the “revert” button.

Oh, whatever. I don’t even like Doritos. Luckily, the Simple English has since, um, altered their definition.

Also from Phil: the Best of Google Earth. Some of these are seriously cool (dolphins in Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden!) and others make me never want to leave my house (mysterious sunbathers? Ew).

Google Blogoscoped also informed us of a new social “game” called Drop Spots where “people hide little gifts in public (yet semi-hidden) places” and then direct people to them via Google Maps. Yeeeah, that sounds safe. Don’t be surprised if you show up to find your “treasure” and are greeted by a scary man who wants to kidnap you and peel off your face.

Is it me or this is Evil Matt Cutts in Italian? Hmm…

If you love search and you love commercials, you’ll love this. SEOTrickster compiled 15 search television commercials, both domestic and international. The Ask ones will always be my favorite, but then again, I love [Sadly they don’t love us. Why no love for the SEO community, Ask? All we want is an API! –Susan]

With Election Day landing this week, Nathan Weinberg put together a list of politicians who received funding from Google. Pretty interesting.

Over at his other blog, Nathan Weinberg lifts some images out of Microsoft’s new 3D Virtual Earth interface. Perhaps it’s because I spent my formidable years being dragged there, but the 3D image of Shea Stadium is totally awesome. It’s just like being there, except without the eardrum-bursting planes flying overhead every five minutes.

Over at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry finds that Google is tired of aiding your stupidity. Now when you misspell a word they use their middle of the page results to direct you to the dictionary. There should also be a Google Hand that comes out and smacks you.

Rebecca said ‘ello from London and let us all in on what she’s been up to since arriving in Worthing. Her recap includes typical Rebecca Kelley humor, with gems like:

“Griped that I wasn’t that impressed with all of the religious paintings at the National Gallery because they all consist of a group of fat and pale people poking at Jesus”

Ah, fat and pale people poking at Jesus, it’s good to see SEOmoz’s Rebecca is alive and well in London. Heh.

How well do you know eBay? Spot the right logo.

Showing that they have a sense of humor, the Google Operating System blog issued 10 Difference Between This Blog and Google’s Blog to make sure users are 100 percent aware that GOS is NOT affiliated with Google. Hopefully this will make the Google lawyers leave them alone.

Maybe it was because search figures were in New York for Ad:Tech or gearing up for PubCon, but Gurtie was flat-out bored with the quality of search news this week. So bored, we are instead presented with a photo of one of the GHN cats instead of a real post. Gurtie’s kitty looks like my Jack Jack. I’d show you a picture, but Susan doesn’t let me post pictures of my cats on the blog (or link to them). I know, I know, take it up with her. [I knew you were going to bring this up. The answer is still no. –Susan] —You just don’t understand real love. You’ve never had a pet.

PubCon is quickly approaching and the bloggers are taking note. Over at SEO Thursday, Nathaniel Broughton updated his PubCon Drinking game, Graywolf wrote an amusing How PubCon Is Like Stars Wars and gave a shout out to all the people he’d like to meet at PubCon. Unfortunately, Michael, I won’t be there this year, but perhaps we’ll cross paths in Chicago. I’m bummed, it sounds like it’s going to be a great event.

While we’re on the topic of SEO events, thanks to everyone who made it over to our booth during Ad:Tech this week and took the time to attend Bruce’s Fireside Chat session. The session was a complete success though I was slightly bummed that the Fireside Chat came sans any type of cozy fire. Talk about no truth in advertising.

Also, I hear quite a few people stopped by the booth looking for me while I was running around like a crazed blogger (okay, giving 11,000 people 15 minutes to trek between sessions = the worst idea ever) and battling grown men for power outlet space (battle scars rock!), so I apologize for that. I’ll try and be better about posting my schedule for SES Chicago so you guys know how to catch me. Or I’ll just install that locator chip Susan and Bruce keep whispering about when they think I’m not listening. [Paranoid, much? We have no idea what you’re talking about… Memo to self: Hide GPS chip catalogs, she’s on to us. –Susan]

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