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January 19, 2007

Friday Recap: Brain Worms Edition

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Seth Godin says Adults Are The New Kids, which leads me to believe Seth has been secretly stalking me in the grocery store. What’s wrong with rolling up to the checkout counter with nothing more than a box of Oreos, a bottle of Sprite, peanut butter and a $6 chocolate bar? Sounds like all the essentials to me.

Seth also confirms that I was right to add a “the” in front of my name. Seth says by doing that it changes the entire tone. Being “the Lisa” is far better than being “a Lisa”. For sure.

Jeremy Zawodny points us to the incredible Weller Mini Torch, which, at less than $10, is definitely the greatest keychain accessory a single, young female could have. Take that you scary-guy-who-lurks-in-dark-corners freak. (Sorry, I had a strange encounter last night. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Speaking of fun little toys, Engadget reports that 1 in 8 blokes (That’s Brit for “guy”) would trade their lady for a “must have” gadget. I see nothing wrong with that. I would take a flat screen TV, funky cell phone or even a Weller Mini Torch over a boy any day. Jack Jack is the only man I need in my life. [ <– a link to one of my kitties in the blog. Rejoice!] [Word. Guys are easy to find and replace. –Susan]

And though this hasn’t been confirmed, I say the reason boys are so willing to give up their lady friends is because their toys now dress up for them in pretty little outfits. Sadly, I’m built just like that laptop. [Why did I click on that link? Why? Never. Clean. Again. –Susan]

If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, check out the Wo-Wo-Windows/386 Song. It cured my morning.

I’m sure you know how I feel about Mark Cuban [grumble, grumble], but earlier this week he ranted about the ridiculousness of the suit, and I have to say, I’m with you, Mark. I’m not with you on anything else you’ve ever said, but I’m with you on this. Suits are dumb. Let’s all show up to work barefoot and in sweats.

Phil Lenssen asks How Much Would You Pay For Google. I wouldn’t pay anything for Google. It’s free. Duh. I think Phil’s working too hard.

Over at SEOFangirl’s blog, we learn that Danny Sullivan is so powerful a mystical white aura surrounds him. Ooo. .

Jeremy Zawodny, our diet guru, found the trick to weight loss is eating like an ape. Note, that’s eating like an ape, not eating apes. Hmm, do apes eat cupcakes?. Because I want a Zelda cupcake.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Is it a giant rabbit capable of swallowing small children in one gulp? I bet it is! However, if you looking for the best laugh you’ll have all day, peruse the comments section over at Slashdot on the topic. Absolute giggle fits. [I want a giant bunny. Also a pony. Yes, I’m five. –Susan]

Also terrifying: Brain worms. [holds head]

What’s the opposite of horrifying giant rabbits and worms that wiggle in your brain? A squealworthy baby Sri Lankan slender loris. It’s so cute I almost want to eat it.

I’m sure you’re aware (unless you’re Susan) that NFL playoff season is among us. [That has to do with hockey, right? –Susan] On Sunday, Tom Brady and the rockin’ New England Patriots will take on Eli’s brother and the Indianapolis Colts. I’m not saying the Colts don’t have a shot (but they don’t), I’d just like to remind all the haters out there that the Pats are 5-0 in AFC Championships since 1966 and own more conference championship victories than any other team in NFL history. That’s all I’m sayin, Bob, if that is your real name.

To help everyone get in the mood for the big AFC game on Sunday, I present you with this touching Tom Brady tribute (If it looks familiar it’s because we’ve linked to it before) and a reminder of what a real Patriots fan looks like. :) Happy tailgating, people.

[Oh yeah, and the New Orleans Saints are also playing the Bears in Chicago, but I’m not so much interested in that game. East Coast pride.] [All I need from a team is a great theme song. (Thanks for the link, Chris!) –Susan]

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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Brain Worms Edition”

  1. Bob writes:

    So that’s how it is, is it? It’s The Bob to you.

    If we are going to argue historical stats, Colts have 4 League Championships (to the Patriots 3), 5 Conference Championships, and 11 Division Championships (to New Englands puny 10).

    The real reason you love the Patriots is Bill Belichick is onboard with you and Mark Cuban’s new dress code.

  2. Lisa writes:

    You can’t promote yourself to The Bob, someone else has to nominate you for the position. Sorry, you’re still just Bob.

    And my love for the Patriots has nothing to do with their dress code. It takes a special kind of person to understand the undying and unwavering love a Bostonite carries for the Sox/Pats/Celtics/Bruins. It’s a pure love most are not capable of. Especially people named Bob.

  3. Bob writes:


    Your little crush on Tom Brady is purely due to your Bostononianess and if Rex Grossman was QB of the Pats you’d be mooning over him?

    I think I understand your ‘pure love’.

  4. Lisa writes:

    Not at all. My affection for Tom Brady is rooted in his good looks and cleft chin.

    But my devotion to the Patriots comes from the roots I planted in Boston during my stint as a college student. That’s the pure, unwavering love I was talking about. Football season just makes it a little easier to be a Red Sox fan. :)

  5. Karl Ribas writes:

    Whooaaa… leave Sexy Rexy and the Bears out of this one. Rex is bringing sexxy back to Chicago this year… not to mention a SuperBowl title. So as I said in the previous post… it doesn’t matter which team wins this Saturday between the Patriots and the Colts, because that is as far as there going to go anyway.

  6. Lisa writes:

    *ding ding ding*

    Congratulations to Karl Ribas for contributing the 100th comment on the Bruce Clay blog. As your prize, I WON’T rip on you for your poor choice in football teams. Way to go, Karl!

    Also, why is no one commenting on how adorable my Jack Jack is? Do you people know how hard it was to get Susan to let me link to him? Hmph.

  7. Jessica Guadiana writes:

    You’d think more people would be rooting for the Bears because of the possibility we may get another “Super Bowl Shuffle” Come on people! Do the Super Bowl Shuffle!

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