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March 9, 2007

Friday Recap 03/09/2007

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I’m cranky and really not at all in the Friday Recap spirit. My morning Starbucks venture did not go as planned. First, my barista gave me whipped cream 10 seconds after I told him I did not need the extra 110 calories, and then he got nervous while putting on my lid and knocked the entire thing on the floor. I can’t even begin to describe my look of horror or the how-could-you-do-that-you-stupid-stupid-moron face I gave him. To top it all off, when he re-made my drink, he made the wrong one and I didn’t realize until I got to work. So now I’m sitting here without my Grande White Mocha. I’ll try not to take it out on you, but I’m not making any promises.

I’m also cranky because Barry Schwartz hired a yet-to-be-revealed sidekick and I wasn’t even offered the position. What the heck! Who’s a bigger Barry lover than me? Um, no one! I’m so jealous. Sidekick, whoever you are, it’s on!

While I’m ranting, you know what else bothers me? Mac users. Yeah, so what if you can do all sorts of "fun" things right out of the box. You know what you can’t do? This.

Another disappointment: I came across the Saving Nystic thread over at the phpbb forums today. I have no idea what Nystic is. I only clicked on it because I thought it said Saving *NSYNC. Bummer.

And though I’m not sure why, The Consumerist couldn’t stop talking about cell phones this week. We got 6 Confessions of a Former Sprint Sales Rep, 7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep, 11 Confessions of a T-Mobile Sales Rep, 8 Confessions of a Former Verizon Sales Rep. After reading it, I don’t want to sign up with anyone.

Major props to the folks at the Dfinitive Blog. This week they tracked down famous look-a-likes for several of SEOs finest and the results were hilarious. I must admit, I now see Jill Whalen in an entirely new light; and the Scoble/Philip Seymour Hoffman comparison is just too great for words. Beautiful.

Props also go to Nathan Weinberg for creating the most confusing blog headline ever. Google Stuff Doing Stuff With Other Stuff, and Other Stuff. What?

As adorable as that Milo boy is, and as much as Susan raves about it, I don’t watch Heroes. I know, I’m missing out. However, should NBC decided to air it, I would totally watch Zeroes. Now these are people I can relate to.

A turkey imposed a YouTube ban this week. Jerk. We should totally eat him for that.

TechCrunch gave us a much needed beer calculator that lets you compute how many kegs, pounds of ice and cups you’ll need to get your guests adequately drunk enough so that they’ll (a) sleep with you or (b) all drive into poles on their way home. Way to go, TechCrunch!

Last week, Matt McGee found a great video that perfectly depicts what’ I’m like when I’m "in the mood". The blogging mood that is.

Kim clears up one of life’s mysteries for us, writing "If your belly button is hiding, and you want someone to find it, show them where it is". So what you’re saying is if I want people to see my bellybutton, I just have to run around holding up my shirt like one of those toddlers obsessed with their milk bellies? I get it now. Thanks, Kim!

Any idea what this sign means? Anyone? Anyone at all?

This one is straight out of Back to the Future: a giraffe video-conferencing robot. If they could combine this technology with one of those clowns that you punch in the face and it bobs back up, they’d have a goldmine. Because, you know, people daydream about punching their boss in the face. Not me, of course. But people who don’t get paid to complain about their mornings.

Lifehacker was right there this week to help me clean up my life and officially gross me out at the same time. First, a lesson on how to wash Monty and Samuel (my two teddy bears, duh) and then a post that made me never want to be in the same room as a keyboard ever again. Ew. It’s time to get one of those virtual laser ones.

BoingBoing didn’t teach me anything this week, but here are some fun things I did manage to scrape up.

  • Gummi Bears are both yummy and functional!
  • The latest weapon of mass destruction: the Navy’s vomit beam. Don’t worry, I won’t share Susan’s inappropriate bulimic joke. Some people’s children…
  • And this is just odd: A bullet-proof raincoat. At $2,000, isn’t it cheaper to move to a safer neighborhood?

And that’s it. Yeah, I know, it was a slow week at BoingBoing.

[You know what makes the day better? A puppy!–Susan]

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5 responses to “Friday Recap 03/09/2007”

  1. Glen writes:

    Hey Bruce, I’ve only just subscribed to your blog as you may know but posts like this really make it easier to take things in, plus you have some nice humour in your writing style

    Thanks again ;)

    Glen / ViperChill

  2. Barry Schwartz writes:

    Wait until you find out who it is. :)
    And you know you would never give up sunny CA for cold and dark NY.

  3. Tamar Weinberg writes:

    Sorry Lisa, I think I win. You have Rand, after all. You can’t have *all* the men. ;)

  4. Lisa writes:

    I have Rand? Isn’t he engaged to that girl who had a mental breakdown on camera?

    I’m disappointed in you, Tamar. I would have expected Rebecca or Rhea to stab me in the back, but you? I thought we were friends? I thought there was loyalty between snarky New York-bred SEO bloggers. I guess I was wrong. Dead wrong.

  5. Tamar Weinberg writes:

    You still have him. Or you still love him. We can share the love, I suppose… if you’re willing.

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