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July 13, 2007

Friday Recap: Web Time Warp Edition

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As if I wasn’t clumsy and high strung enough, now it’s Friday the 13th. Joy. Try not to hurt yourselves. Or me. Try not to do anything that could possibly hurt me.

A new word was added to the dictionary this week: ginormous. You don’t understand the delight this brought to many a Bruce Clay SEO Analyst. In other news, Susan is ginormous. [You’re fired. Again. –Susan] GINORMOUS!

Barry Schwartz wants to know why people type in CAPS. Barry, meet my friend Heather B. She’ll explain it to you. I live my life very much like Leta, only I’m not 3.

Small children have wondered for years how that big ginormous moon stays up there in the night sky without falling down and crushing them in their sleep (what?). Now we know. Heh.

I know it’s wrong to laugh when people get hurt but…I don’t care. This is funny. Ginormously funny. It’s a shame because this guy was cute. Probably not anymore though.

Again, totally not laughing at the injured, but this is possibly the greatest office prank ever. My favorite part is the graveyard of broken office chairs. Well done, gentlemen, well done.

Hey, look, not only does Jason Calacanis not have any friends at Google (I do!), but he also spends his nights leaving snarky comments over at Valleywag. Who knew? Don’t worry, Jason, we know you’re just misunderstood.

I always knew Battleship was awesome, I just never knew it was sexist. The dishes? Really? This being a girl thing sucks sometimes.

The best weight loss secret ever: Just have someone scare you!

All the wimpy New Yorkers have been complaining this week about their “heat wave” and how “hot” it is. Dude, just go hangout in the subway and stop being a baby, will you?

In case you needed another reason not to buy your lunch at Walmart, the fried chicken comes with feathers. That’s ginormously disgusting.

Wendy the Whippet is going to eat you, but Akira the Akita just wants to cuddle and maybe eat carrots. Aw.

This kept me entertained for an embarrassingly long time. Can you spot the little people?

Wattpad gives us 33 Names of Things You Never Knew Had Names. Admit it; you didn’t know what a snorkel box was either. But now I’m all self conscious of my rasceta (for what it’s worth, both Google and Word tell me ‘rasceta’ isn’t a real word.)

Google’s Niniane Wang co-created a site to talk women off the ledge when they’re getting ready to call that guy they totally shouldn’t call because said guy is a jerk and they’re better of without him, his baggage and his stupid haircut. You go, girl!

Download Squad shows us what the Web looked like in 1994 when I was 12. Strangely enough, it looks exactly the way the Web looks today, only from a mobile phone.

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

  • Instructions on how to build a secret bookcase door. Totally cool, but totally unnecessary. I just hide under my desk when I don’t want Bruce to see me.
  • California puppies are being put to work sniffing for grapevine pests. Whoever is in charge of this, please call me. I need a puppy that can sniff out and destroy spiders that dwell in apartments. Thank you.
  • The most delicious Mario ever created. Make me a cupcake Mario and I promise to have your babies.
  • The perfect way to charge my cell phone. Now I don’t have to worry about Jack knocking it off my nightstand and using it as a kitty toy.
  • A man dressed up as a tree and robbed a bank. Yes, because a walking tree is much less conspicuous than a man in street clothes. Children, stay in school.
  • How to make an egg canon. Note that when they say “broil”, they actually mean “boil”. Again, stay in school. Also, don’t do drugs.
  • There’s a video about fish heads. I don’t know why, but there is.

Lastly, just a reminder that I’ll be attending WordCamp next week. If you’re going, drop me a line and let me know. It’s my first time attending one of these things solo and The Lisa needs friends! (Thanks to all the blog commenters who have already let me know they’ll be attending! I thank you all ginormously.)

I'm going to WordCamp

This weeks Recap was brought to you by the word “ginormous”. Use it in a sentence today.

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