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August 17, 2007

Friday Recap: SEO Breakdance Edition

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Happy Friday, happy people.

SES San Jose is just a few days away and I am plenty excited. As if the sessions, the people and the parties weren’t good enough, now WebProNews tells me Jim Lanzone may breakdance during his keynote if someone asks. Danny, are you listening? Someone needs to get on this. rocks.

And while we’re talking about SES, what does everyone thinking about adding a 535ft Slip ‘n Slide to either the Google Dance or SearchBash? You’d be for that right? Let’s do it!

But it’s not just time for SES, it’s also time to start booking your travel plans for the holidays (and get those email campaigns going, you search marketer, you). I know it seems early, but the summer is nearly over and the holidays will be here before you know it. has marked Aug 22nd the date travelers should start scoping out prices for their trips. Get moving or you’ll end up paying $900 for your cross-country plane ticket. Or am I the only one who did that last Christmas?

The Google Operating System blog asked What Do You Use Google Docs for? The only use I have for Google Docs is for calorie counting and weight tracking. I’ve always wonder what normal people use it for. Thoughts?

Proof that Barry Schwartz will blog about anything, this week we got a much commented on entry about a dead bird (I still say it’s possible it was only sleeping) and then an entry that begins with, “I just came out of the bathroom!” TMI, Barry, TMI. :)

Speaking of bathrooms (I’m surprised Barry didn’t blog about this), some people apparently spend far too much time in there. Why partake in Toilegami when God invented Facebook? It makes no sense.

Those who know me know that I’m somewhat clumsy. It’s not uncommon for me to notice a new bruise and not remember the athletic stunt that caused it, however, I’m pretty sure even I would notice if one of my legs was missing. That’s the sort of thing a girl tends to remember. Like giving birth.

A totally normal Chinese couple tried to name their baby @. No, I didn’t hit the wrong key. They really do want to name their child after a computer symbol. Why don’t we just beat up the infant and stuff it in a locker now? Let’s just get it out of the way. [I don’t know, at least it’s easy to spell. –Susan]

Okay, here’s a toughie: You have one dollar. What do you spend it on, a newspaper or a candy bar? Fine, you’re on a diet, but what if it was a really good dark chocolate candy bar? My tummy is growlin’.

This is my most favorite flyer in the history of flyers. And yeah, there’s no way I’d take that down. I wouldn’t even touch it. I’d just run.

Avanoo gives us the Top Ten Things Not To Write In A Love Letter. Gentlemen, please pay attention to number two. As females, we have enough emotional baggage; we don’t need yours. [Also please take note of 3 and 4, ex who compared me to the “pedals of a flower”. –Susan] Heh, that hurts.

Along that theme, what does it say about your new marriage when the wedding reception turns out like this? Ouch.

Finally a use for all those cans you have stored in your pantry. The hotdog is my personal favorite. Or maybe the M&Ms. Mmm M&Ms.

Some math for your enjoyment:

  • Baby chipmunk + giant peanut = Awesome picture.
  • Fish + Bear + Poorly Timed Jump = Lunch [ says that’s what you get for ambition. –Susan]

This week BoingBoing introduced me to all the different kinds of people out there. Here’s a glimpse of some of the types of people I was introduced to:

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One response to “Friday Recap: SEO Breakdance Edition”

  1. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    You forgot to add the link to the Top Ten Things Not To Write In A Love Letter. Loser.

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