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October 12, 2007

Friday Recap 10/12/2007

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We’re going to do this one nice and slow today. I fear that if I type too fast or link to things too quickly, my computer may just explode. It’s making all sorts of angry noises and closing things I was in the middle of reading. It’s clearly having a Susan Moment. Cross your fingers, people.

First, I want to thank for writing the greatest headline I’ve read all year. According to them, Christmas is Upon Us. Huzzah! Forget this Halloween stuff, it’s semi-almost Christmas!

Okay, in case you are in the Halloween spirit, I’ll share a few pictures I came across while Flickr’ing around looking for pumpkin patches. I give you a young boy taking out his sister and a real life cabbage patch doll. I heart Autumn.

Have you met our friend Stacey Hedger? Stacy is amazing and her ability to play a wicked rendition of the Stars Wars theme on her trumpet is, well, it’s unbelievable. I kid you not; this is the greatest video staring a trumpet of all time. I demand that you watch it.
Speaking of unbelievable things, Danny Sullivan filmed the Newport Beach boardwalk while on rollerblades and he didn’t wipe out once. He also didn’t do anything really gross into people’s windows either (read the comments). Glad to hear it, Danny, you had us worried!

If you’re in need of a few giggles, Website Tips has come to the rescue with the help of some laughing babies. If you didn’t crack a smile it means you have no soul. Like Susan. [Even I giggled. So you’re actually worse off than me. –Susan]

Well, this is just disgusting. Scientists tell me that the reason I crave chocolate all day, every day is because I have gut bacteria. I wonder if my gut bacteria taste like dark chocolate? Mmm.

New Scientist was a real downer this week, penning a special on death and explaining how it feels to die by means of drowning, fire, heart attack, falls, hanging, decapitation (my personal favorite) and more. Take a look and see what they rate as the best way to go. My mom always says it’s important to plan ahead.

Problogger was also trying to ruin my week, telling me that your first 10,000 blog posts are always the worst. This means I will not be even remotely interesting until around 2017. Stay tuned!

Well, that’s assuming I’m still here in 10 years. Sly Marketing told us how to market yourself at work, and well, I’m breaking everyone one of these rules. Closed door? Check. Saying no to every possible request? Check. I’m so fired. [You mean you finally noticed? –Susan] Shut up.

Joe Peacock explains how you fail an IQ test. Basically, he says that if you agree to take an IQ test on Facebook, you’ve already failed it. Heh.

This just in: They’ve officially found Carmen Sandiego. Seems like she’s been riding the subway back and forth all these years. [Is that a Canadian Flag on that sign? Someone call Rockapella! –Susan]

Also, this is why kitties shouldn’t sleep atop high things. They wake up and go boom.

This week we got our answer about why that chicken crossed the road. It seems there was an accident…

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (did you feel yourself just get dumber?) explains the Napping Kitty rule, the one that excuses the person with the napping kitty on his lap from having to get up for any possible reason. Don’t anger kitty.

Consumerist showed us that when mayonnaise explodes it’s really, really gross. We also learn a good lesson. If your mayonnaise starts "bubbling" when you open it, run! Excuse me while I go throw up. And remove any jars of mayonnaise sitting in my fridge.

The AP, aka that site that doesn’t like when people link to them, says a new study has revealed the shocking news that bad relationships can very seriously hurt your heart. Um, duh. Teenage girls everywhere are using this as their excuse to be emo.

One last question, who’s Slippy? And why is he coming after me?

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap 10/12/2007”

  1. Naomi Dunford writes:

    I really have to tell you how I found your site. I run a site called IttyBiz, which is the blog I run alongside my business, Itty Bitty Marketing. Back when I signed up for Google Alerts on my business name, I forgot to put quotation marks around it, so I get a lot of things about various Itty Bitty Committees. You’d really be surprised how often people say that.

    Anyway, I’m glad I came. Great site, great baby air fresheners, great somebody-else-who-remembers-Rockapella.

    All in all, awesome.

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