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November 2, 2007

Friday Recap – Domain Name Disasters Edition

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I can hardly believe I’m doing this. I’m home in bed trying to calm the three angry discs in my neck and somehow the guilt of leaving you guys without a Friday Recap was strong enough that I have thrown the cats off my stomach and replaced them with my laptop. I blame Susan. Or maybe my parents. [Show her love, people. You nearly got stuck with my attempt at a recap. –Susan]

Before I start, a quick note to my BFF: When you asked if you could use my Halloween picture in your round up post, I thought you were asking if you could link to it. Not if you could slap a giant picture of me in costume on Search Engine Roundtable. Oh heavens.

It’s okay. I guess I’m not that embarrassed. It’s not like I dressed up as YouTube or anything.

Susan will be so excited that I’m mentioning the Red Sox again (w00t!), but this is just too good. The fine folks at the Franklin Park zoo have decided to name a baby giraffe "Sox" in honor of the Red Sox’s glorious triumph over the Colorado Rockies. Red Sox Nation just got a little bit bigger. And, um, taller. [In actually interesting baseball news, Joe Torre is moving to the Dodgers. Go Blue! –Susan]

Gizmodo shows us how to fall up an escalator. It’s not funny. It’s not. Stop laughing. You’re all bad, bad people. [giggle]

The Just Say Hi blog gives us 13 Little Things That Make a Geek Happy. My personal favorite is number 6. There is no better feeling than when UPS updates to tell you that those super fly Italian leather boots you ordered online are on their way to your apartment at this very moment. Huzzah for fashion!

Can someone explain to me why Jeremy Zawodny is talking about chips? Is he trying to make me hungry and give me a MSG headache?

Here are some seriously smart children. Why didn’t we ever think of that growing up? Don’t answer that.

Also, these boys are showing everyone the meaning of true friendship. Aw!

Alledia highlighted the Ten Worst Movie Domain Names Ever and I just laughed. This is why the big movie people need to hire an SEO. Seriously? That’s the domain name you want to go with? Okay.

XKCD finally solves the where-do-you-put-your-arm while snuggling thing. And look, it’s now totally acceptable to play Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots in bed!

Blue Shield says they won’t pay for an epidural. Or at least that will be their stance until the blogosphere gets a hold of this story and nails them to the wall. Oh wait, look, Sick of Blue Cross is already up and running. How totally not surprising. [Dear Blue Shield, thank you for illustrating what Seth was talking about yesterday. –Susan]

A flurry of lobsters made a run for it after deciding they didn’t want to be what’s for dinner. The savvy crustaceans clawed their way out of their crates, scurried across the floor and then squeezed their way through the metal shutters covering the front of the grocery store. Those were some determined little critters! Some days Susan can’t even make it out of her car without assistance.

Here’s a bit of a public service announcement: If you’re driving a 1994-2004 GM car, hide your valuables. It seems GM may have given everyone the same lock during that time so that key that opens up your door, may open up everyone else’s as well. Oops?

Oh yeah, and if you need a babysitter, hire a monkey!

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week

And that’s it for me. Time for more muscle relaxers and daytime television. See you on Monday!

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One response to “Friday Recap – Domain Name Disasters Edition”

  1. qwerty writes:

    That list of movie domain names was of real domains used to promote movies, but what about domain names in movies?

    You may remember the movie Fear dot com (or if you’re lucky, you don’t). It was more or less a rip-off of The Ring, but with an evil website one mustn’t look at rather than a video tape. And what was the domain name of the evil website in Fear dot com?

    It was

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