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May 23, 2008

Friday Recap: Fast Food Conspiracy Edition

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It’s Friday and I swear to God I will stop yawning at some point today. Maybe. I hope. Perhaps I’ll just take a nap under my desk and see if anyone notices. Yeah, I like that plan.

There was a giant conspiracy this week to get me to go to In N Out and consume 3,000 calories. Barry Schwartz was blogging about French fries, The Consumerist used a photo of a burger and fries from In N Out for their story about dieting (um, fail?), and then Seth Godin was screaming double double for no reason whatsoever. Okay, I get it. I’ll make Susan go buy me a burger. Calm down, Internetz. [Back off, I’m on a diet. Again. Still. Whatever. –Susan]

Or maybe we’ll head to Chicago to enjoy the Double Stuf Oreos that were left all over the road after a sleeping truck driver crashed into the medium.

Also, half of IT workers say they’ve gained at least 10 pounds in their current jobs. Because fixing computers forces them to pig out on In N Out burgers and Double Stuf Oreos. I totally feel their pain.

[Can you tell I’m hungry? Our plan to get bagels delivered to the office today failed.]

Matt McGee is officially using Twitter just like the rest of us, which means he’s passing around stories intended to horrify people. This time we learn that a man survive six hours with a paint brush in his head. See, now don’t you wish you had never read that? Thanks, McGee!

FastUpFront let’s us know that more than 33 percent of Americans are being bullied at work, and then offers up some advice on how to stop it. I think it’s time I have a talk with Susan to explain to her how her bullying is affecting my health at work and how it makes me eat Oreos. In bed. At 3am. [Mmm, Oreos. –Susan]

There was a great thread over on Cre8asite that asked who else talks to their blog? Sadly, they don’t mean actually having a conversation with your blog. Which is what I thought it meant. And hoped. Guess I’m alone then.

Vertical Leap developed an interesting SEO keyword research game. Check out how people search for a white kitten. [Omg a kittah] received one percent of the votes. Hee.

Or, if that doesn’t do it for you, how about SEO Bullshit Bingo?

Over at Going Cellular, Stuart tells us how he stopped using bad cell phone etiquette while I giggle like the little girl I secretly am.

Barry Schwartz blogged about a possible search update and then I giggled even more. Barry, Ask isn’t in search anymore. Duh!

Blogpire is looking for a robot obsessed blogger. That’s almost as awesome as the tomato blogger job listing (job was filled!) we saw a little while back.

Valleyway broke some shocking news this week: Back in the ’90s, Robert Scoble was quasi good looking. I know, I didn’t believe it either, but he could have, like, totally been on Sweet Valley High if he wanted to.

How I Spent My Stimulus is colleting stories relating to how people spent their stimulus pay check. Mine is still sitting in the bank until I can find something completely trivial to spend it on. Maybe I’ll buy a puppy to eat my cats? Seems they don’t really love me as much as I thought they did anyway:


Tamar pointed us to a “funny” video about Matt Cutts getting electrocuted and dying. See how that’s not even a little funny? Link bait fail.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

Happy long weekend to everyone! But be careful out there, you don’t want to have to sing the sunburn song Tuesday morning.

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