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June 6, 2008

Friday Recap 06/06/2008

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Happy Friday! I just returned from a delicious Hawaiian Luau in the park with my Bruce Clay coworkers. We ate yummy BBQ, walked barefoot in the grass, watched the ducks in the pond, and talked about secret squirrel Bruce Clay stuff. You should have been there.

In case you’ve missed it, there’s quite a firestorm taking place on the SMX Advanced Goes To The Dark Side post, including some very honest commentary from Danny Sullivan. I’m not in the habit of pimping our own posts, but if you haven’t read it, you should.

Speaking of SMX, Virginia conducted some great interviews while in Seattle earlier this week. You can find her interviews with SEO troublemaker Michael Gray and resident Microsoft cutie Derrick Wheeler tucked inside this week’s episode of SEM Synergy.

How’s this for branding and word of mouth generation: The new Kill Bill billboard squirts blood into the street, onto cars, and presumably, onto those walking by. That’ll get people talking. And maybe suing when someone slips and falls on a “blood” puddle.

A female blogger asked her male blogger boyfriend to marry her via a blog post. Apparently, he said yes and the whole industry aw’d while I tried not to roll my eyes too loudly. Hasn’t this been done like a million times? Let’s get a bit more creative people. tells the story of a man who build a customized Web browser for his autistic grandson. It’s a sweet tale and the little boy is adorable.

John Andrews wondered if all the “cute” gushing we did back in 2006 was a schtick. Hee, it really wasn’t, John. And the only reason I’ve stopped cut back is because of how incredibly embarrassing it is when the speakers you’ve drooled over approach you afterwards. [waves to Rand, Derrick Wheeler, Joost de Valk and many, many others] I think for awhile there I forgot people actually read this blog.

Speaking of cute SEOs that I’ve embarrassed myself in front of, Joost de Valk has a great interview with Kevin Ryan, one of my industry favorites. Joost and Kevin are both very, very cute.

Gizmodo told us How to Launch An Apple Product in 5 Easy Steps. Boom!

Spend your weekend mastering the Procrastination Flow Chart. Or maybe wait and do it Monday morning. Yeah, do that.

Scoble talked about how Twitter was blaming its members and uses a kick ass Hugh MacLeod cartoon.

This couldn’t be less search-related but it kept me mesmerized for minutes: 300 Calorie Food Picture Gallery. Look at all that watermelon you can eat!

Things I Learned On Boing Boing This Week:

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