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July 25, 2008

Friday Recap 07/25/2008

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Susan’s been out of the office since Wednesday as she gets her geek on at nerd prom. Let’s all take a moment to mock her.

No, a longer moment.


Speaking of Susan, this week Copyblogger wrote a post about how to be interesting. I’ve already printed it out for her and taped it to her computer. I just know she’s going to thank me.

David Snyder is trying to buy me a Boxer puppy. You should help him.

Andrew Goodman won my heart with his post about why he’d hire the candy ass social media goody 2 shoes over the social media spammer. It’s an awesome post and worth your time to read.

Tired of training your husband? is here to teach men how to be romantic by making it “convenient” with monthly reminders for the romance-challenged. The service will send your guy tips for not sucking, as well as milestone reminders to let them know you have a birthday coming up. I don’t know. Is masking failure really improving it? Maybe I’m just relationship bitter.

Language Trainers has a great viral video guessing where people’s accents are from. Virginia did pretty well… I not so much. She’s so much smarter than me. [Silly rabbit. Maybe my headphones were just clearer than yours? -Virginia]

Chris Hooley hit his blog to talk about his experiences with identity theft. Some scary stuff, and I’m not just talking about the mug shot of the jerk who pretended to be the awesome Chris Hooley. We love you, Chris.

Valleywag says that half of the hottest girls on Digg are fake. Score one for the cult of Marty Weintraub!

Here are 14 podcasts to help you through your commute, assuming you have a commute and didn’t move into an apartment complex down the street from your job. Like I did. Nothing’s sweeter than filling up your gas tank once a month. [Rubbing it in our faces twice in one week? Last time I didn’t comment, being too enamored with my shiny new T-Mobile card. But this time you’ve gone too far! -Virginia]

I’d like to thank Jane “Catland” Copland for ruining my morning by twittering a link to a piglet with a monkey face. Don’t click the link. It’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I’m now afraid to have children. What if they’re born with a monkey face? It could be like, an epidemic or something!

Marshall Sponder turned me on to iRing, which is almost as horrifying as the monkey-faced pig, but in a far more geeky way.

The Aussie Bloggers have come up with the lazy bloggers post generator. Hmm, I wonder if I could just post like that from now on? I bet people wouldn’t even notice. I never make sense anyway.

Sante J. Achille says Italians dislike online publicity. Which makes sense, otherwise all those mob people would be dead or arrested. Right?

Andy Beal teaches us an important lesson – if you’re going to pretend to be remorseful in court to avoid jail time for that DUI, don’t show up to a Halloween party dressed as an inmate. And if you do get dressed up as an inmate, make sure no one takes photos and uploads them to Facebook. Have fun in jail!

TV Week let us know that the CW will once again be streaming Gossip Girl, aka the most awesome show on television, online. I consider this a tiny victory for 14-year-old girls (and me and Susan) everywhere.

Apartment Therapy invaded the house of Maggie Mason, one of my favorite bloggers, and gave us a sweet tour. I love the American Gothic-style wedding portrait, all the word art, and basically the whole darn apartment. I wonder if she’d let me live there? I can babysit.

Oh, and next time the water bill is really high, investigate the cat. Hilariously expensive.

Things I Learned On Boing Boing This Week:

Also, Virginia’s birthday was yesterday. If you didn’t get a chance to wish her a Happy Birthday and lots of yummy thoughts, feel free to use the comments. :)

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One response to “Friday Recap 07/25/2008”

  1. Sante writes:

    Hi Lisa,
    could you further elaborate why all those mob people would be dead or arrested if they liked online publicity ? Just curious :)

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