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November 13, 2009

Friday Recap: Freaky Friday Edition

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Happy Friday the 13th! That doesn’t freak you out, does it? Okay, it freaks me out a little, too.

But I keep telling myself that’s silly, because really, look at all the cool developments over the last week!

PubCon Las Vegas
CC BY-SA 2.0

For starters, PubCon Las Vegas has been going on all week, bringing together thousands of search, social and affiliate marketers to the U.S.’s party capital. Blogger Gil Reich has compiled an ever-growing list of Best of PubCon moments from the conference.

Coverage of PubCon can be found across the blogosphere, including TopRank Online Marketing Blog, Search Marketing Sage, Search Engine Roundtable, and Outspoken Media.

As you may know, Outspoken Media’s chief branding officer Lisa Barone has a way with liveblogging. She transforms conference reporting into a straight laugh riot — at least I think so, anyway. And this week Lisa’s fresh and direct instincts and marketing skills were highlighted in Hudson Valley Magazine‘s People to Watch. A big congrats to my blogger BFF!

Google Caffeine, a new technology that Google says will improve indexing infrastructure, is now live at one data center, and the full roll out can be expected after the holiday season. Google’s ambassador to the search marketing world Matt Cutts wrote on his blog, “I know that webmasters can get anxious around this time of year, so I wanted to reassure site owners that the full Caffeine roll out will happen after the holidays.” Pretty sure that means big changes are on the way!

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s latest denunciation of Google grabbed headlines. The chairman and CEO of News Corp. said that after his publications begin charging readers for unique content, they will block Google from crawling and indexing the content. Is Google feeling threatened? What do you think?

In what’s being called a turning point for mobile advertising, Google acquired mobile display ad network AdMob for $750 million. As explained in Google’s official blog post announcing the deal, “iPhone and Android users browse the Internet more often than anyone else [Morgan Stanley], contributing to Google’s 5x mobile search growth over the past two years.” As expected, it was only a matter of time.

Matt Cutts video for Google Webmaster Central

Google is testing skippable pre-roll video ads in an attempt to find out what kinds of people skip ads and what type of ad content performs better than others. The tech titan is also experimenting with a hybrid programming language that cross breeds Python with C++… I don’t know what that means, but it sounds important, no?

Matt Cutts explained how the search engine generates SERP snippets and titles — an especially curious occurrence when titles and snippets don’t adhere to Meta data. The information is available in a video that is posted on the Google Webmaster Central channel on YouTube.

And for a fun story to end this Google story time, Ann Smarty has charming rounded up of installations and real-life imitations of Google services. What a pervasive cultural phenomenon our frenemy Google is.

Enough Google for you? How about some Twitter in the mix?

Best. Twitter. Account. Ever. @sh*tmydadsays (but without the asterisk) will be turned into a TV series on CBS. The comedic gold that fits into 140 characters is constant entertainment. I can only imagine what lolz will come out of 30 minutes!

Following the inappropriate comments he made on Twitter, running back Larry Johnson has been released from the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. Apparently, even super athletes aren’t exempt from the newest rule in the employee handbook: watch what you say online!

Twitter is rolling out its official integration of the retweet, though on first review, it doesn’t look like it will be as easy as the adoption of other user-created features that came before it. I want to be able to add a personal touch to retweets, so could you get on that, Twitter? [Ev explained why they did it the way they did but…meh, I don’t like it. –Susan]

I think they’re on the right track though, very unlike the worst application of Twitter to date, the Twitter-equipped bathroom scale. I mean, it’s a wonder this wasn’t thought of earlier. Broadcast your weight to all your Twitter followers. Sign me up. Not. [Well, it’s motivational? Maybe? –Susan]

Berlin Wall
CC BY-ND 2.0

Twenty years ago this week the Berlin Wall was torn down. And with it Europe and the world changed. Bas van den Beld breaks down the ways that the fall of the Berlin Wall transformed the face of search marketing. It’s a fascinating exploration of history, the present world, and what might have been. [Bas will be on the next SEM Synergy too! Got questions? Send them over. –Susan]

Sometimes you don’t wonder what could have been — you wonder what the heck that was! This point is illustrated in the 25 funniest vintage tech ads, where anyone from Elvira to Bill Cosby is a worthy mascot for that computer the size of your desk.

For Christmas, I want whatever the fellow with the bolo tie and the don’t-mess-with-me mutton chops is selling. Okay, no, I really want one of these that says #justsayin. How great is that? [I want one that says #leverage. It’s apparently my most used hashtag. Look, I’m a fan, okay? Don’t judge me. –Susan]

While we’re dreaming of the holidays, Matt McGee tackles the question “Is it too late for holiday SEO?” as part of his small business search marketing mailbag. Yes. I mean, no. I mean, read the post.

And finally, Friday the 13th is historically a day of superstitious spooky stories. Why else would we get all worked up over a day with a funny number that falls right before the weekend? Stories are powerful things. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up a blog post, check out 14 Types of Stories You Can Tell On Your Blog.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Freaky Friday Edition”

  1. Gil Reich writes:

    This is a great write-up, lots of things I missed this week that I need to catch up on. Bruce was great at PubCon BTW. Thanks for mentioning my post!

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