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July 15, 2011

Friday Recap – Happy Trails Edition

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What a long strange trip it’s been, huh? Today I say goodbye after 6 years, 7 months and 17 days at Bruce Clay, Inc. You can read the official good-bye here and a bit about what’s in my future now and why in my guest post on Outspoken Media today.

Enough about me. Let’s get recappy.

A lovely purple manatee

Marty Weintraub is my hero and he should be yours too. Here he is laying down SEO truths just a short time after recovering from cancer and heart surgery. Do you feel like a slacker by comparison? I sure do.

A crackpot Republican rep from Riverside wants to split my beloved state in two and he wants good Southern Californians like me to be part of – I can hardly type it – North California. Ugh. Do you know what’s in Northern California? Giants fans, that’s what. The whole idea is nonsense. (Although, if Anaheim is in a different state instead of just a different county than LA, do you suppose they’ll finally have to stop calling them the “LA Angels of Anaheim“? There may be an upside yet!)

Speaking of [ahem] South California, did you hear they’re shutting down the 405 for two days (non-Californians, please note that you always use “the” before the number when talking about freeways around here.) They’re calling it Carmaggedon, because nothing is so minor that we can’t hyperbolize it with a catchy nickname. Local companies are scrambling to take advantage of this. My favorite marketing stunt comes from Jet Blue who are offering $4 flights over Carmaggedon. Because it’s totally worth facing the TSA to get around that traffic nightmare. (That might not be sarcasm.)

I’m obsessed with this blog recently: Things we forget. What sort of things? Little ones like #712: “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” And #630: “Be Interesting.”

Are you thoroughly sick of hearing about Google+ yet? Too bad because here’s a couple more pieces of news: First up, the fledging network already has over 10m users according yesterday’s quarterly earnings call. Second, Google will no longer require your gender to be public, which allays some of the privacy fears about the service. Last, more changes are on the way as well with Google responding and adapting to feedback as their limited field test goes on. What sort of changes? Well, nested comments, merged circles and collapsing comment strings to name three. Good stuff. And last, Vincent Wong has interesting ideas about what Google+ is really about (and it’s not beating Facebook.)

There, all done with G+.

Here’s something to make you facepalm. In one school district a banned book was unbanned when someone actually read it. Not only that, but the guy who originally voted against it now finds it “outstanding.” It’s not Banned Books Week but in solidarity with the idea that opinions should be based on evidence, why not pick up a banned book anyway and expand your horizons?

Next up in things only I care about: Space! It’s the final frontier, you know. Here’s some loosely related space stuff. [Only you care about space?! Pshaw! ─Virginia P.S. It feels weird on this side of the brackets.]

  • Photos from the last space shuttle mission: STS-135 Atlantis
  • Happy anniversary, Neptune! That’s right, it was discovered just one year ago yesterday. One Neptunian year, that is.
  • Speaking of space as the final frontier, if you can get over Netflix price hike, you may be excited about the news that all of Star Trek is available on instant streaming. No? Just me? Okay.  [Alright, yeah. That one is just you. :P ─Virginia]

Before I go, I’m going to cover everyone’s desks in this graph paper tablecloth. It says right in the post that it makes kids smarter!

That’s pretty much all I have for you. So long and thanks for all the fish. From here on out, you can find me on Twitter @SusanEsparza or on Google Plus.

[P.S. You have an extra week to enter the Small Biz Discovery Contest and win a full pass to SMX East. Is $3000 in prizes worth your time? Of course, it is. Get your submissions in by July 22.]

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5 responses to “Friday Recap – Happy Trails Edition”

  1. Jim Rudnick writes:

    @Susan…best of luck out there girl! have very much enjoyed your blog pieces here….and will look for you to keep up the great SEO pieces elsewhere too…

    oh. the 405. never ever liked that piece of concrete…can stay closed forever – says this Canuck who never ventures south of SF & Marin & Napa….



  2. Jim Rudnick writes:

    @Susan…dang! now I go to OSM and read that you’re NOT going to be doing anymore SEO blogging….

    just hope that new novel has an “SEO” in it tho…

    best of luck! novels are fun! it’s the dang writing of same that’s hard work, eh!


  3. Susan Esparza writes:

    Thanks, Jim! No more SEO for me (at least, that’s the plan). Maybe I’ll make the next book about SEO.

    I don’t think anyone likes the 405. It’s a terrible stretch of road but it’s our terrible stretch of road, you know?

  4. Andy Kuiper writes:

    You are a good writer Susan :-) – all the best on your next adventure.
    Andy :-)

  5. John Minter writes:

    I’m sorry to see you’re leaving! I only recently started reading your articles but they always seem to provide info that helps me and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

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