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August 26, 2011

Friday Recap: Just for Giggles

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With all that’s going on in the world – hurricanes, Libya, and the uncertain future of a Jobs-less Apple – wouldn’t it be nice to start your weekend off with some light laughter and carefree fun? For most of us, things are pretty peachy, after all.

How else might I tickle your whistle? Falling squarely in the impressive category, baby can read!

I think my parents were proud I didn’t lick an electric socket at 17 months. Adults today can be proud if they’ve grown out of stages of immaturity, including overzealous gaming. The Oatmeal has a funny take on the topic:

Click to see full Oatmeal comic: What it's like to play online games as a grownup

Good choice, man. There’s no way you could have gone spelunking with your hot mama and defeat the mongrel hordes at once. As it turns out, multitasking really prohibits your productivity. Here’s a little activity to see how much multitasking inhibits your productive capacity. Try it out; it’s kinda fun.

Facebook rolled out a number of changes this week, allowing greater control over content you’re tagged in as well as greater control over who can see the content you share. The Places feature, or location check-in, and related Check-In Deals have also been modified.

I see a lot of my friends on Facebook checking in to their city’s fine dining establishments. And after seeing recent research into the little-known flora and fauna growing in our own homes, I’m kinda inclined to eat out myself. The Wild Life of Your Home project is collecting samples of the things that live in your fridge, pillows and other intimate home spaces. Apparently these places “contain more wild and unknown species than any nature reserve.” Eep.

I prefer my creepy crawlies to be rendered in beautiful works of paper art, like the origami work of Brian Chan. More unexpected animal art may be right under your nose. In news of other pretty things, there’s a planet made of diamonds.

With that, I’ll leave you with a final smile coaxer. At this point, you’re not required to say something nice to someone who’s positively touched your life, but I bet you’ll be glad if you did.

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