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July 10, 2009

Friday Recap: Oatmeal Cookie Crunch Edition

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ice cream sundae

The sun is shining, freezers everywhere are being stocked with ice cream, and it’s Friday. For the cherry on top of this summer fundae, put on that smile (smiles will not be graded) and enjoy your Friday Recap for this week in search! [I have Oatmeal Cookie Crunch waiting for me in the freezer at home. –Susan]

Google made a splash, announcing that a Google Chrome Operating System would be on netbooks available to consumers next year. There were, however, a number of features of the OS that Google didn’t include in their announcement. Thankfully, our friends at Woot did some digging to bring us 11 undocumented features of Google Chrome OS.

We paid our respects to Michael Jackson this week, bringing people around the world online to watch the event. Mashable reported that CNN’s live stream got at least 9.7 million views, much less than the 27 million drawn during President Obama’s inauguration. However, there was more viewer engagement, as the Facebook Connect status feed that ran alongside got up to 6,000 updates per minute.

Funny thing about Facebook; it looks like drunken youths aren’t the only ones that don’t understand that people will actually see what you post. The wife of the new head of MI6, the UK’s secret intelligence service, posted potentially compromising details on the social networking site. His codename, where they live and work, and family photos are among the intimate particulars posted on her account with almost no privacy protection. Learn to use those filters, people.

Rebecca Kelley made her premiere on the 10e20 blog this week after being brought on as social media director. Peeps are glad to see Rebecca back on the SEO blogging circuit. My fave pick for debut week: L.A.’s failed attempt to fundraise online. After spending $1.4 million on security during MJ’s memorial service, the city figured it’d accept donations to recoup some of the cost. Great idea, until the server crashed due to high-volume traffic. If anyone from L.A.’s information technology agency is reading this, look into some of the server considerations in this piece. (Notice: there will be no more MJ mentions through the rest of the post, so no need to go — pinky swear!)

Marketing intelligence agency comScore ranked countries by their population’s level of social networking engagement. Topping the list is Russia, with users spending the most time and viewing the most pages on their social networks. Elsewhere in the world, nasty cyber attacks were targeted at government sites in the U.S. and South Korea beginning last weekend. Just another public service announcement: secure your stuff.

That advice goes for your reputation, too. United Airlines has succumbed to the too-little, too-late fate of companies struggling with the viral Web and its effect on online rep management. The Internet’s given ordinary consumers a platform that lets them vent their frustrations. Pair that frustration with a really catchy tune, some viral fairy dust, and a spot on Consumerist — sorry United, you hardly stood a chance. [Maybe they should have done something in the year between the incident and the songwriting. –Susan]

It’s time to sign off with some Boing Boing bits, but a quick heads up first! Tomorrow is 7/11 and the 7-Eleven convenience store chain is celebrating by giving away mini Slurpees. Mmm, tastes like summer!

[Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! I’m broke so this is your entire present. (Worst. Daughter. Ever.) –Susan]

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • No wonder Russia is leading the way in social media engagement. They’re playing for souls.
  • Stanford University revealed that human mouths are really sharks’ mouths backwards.
  • I don’t know how fashion conscious the readership is, but I do know that models and sci-fi are generally safe subjects, so voila! Sci-fi inspired women’s fashion that totally rocks.
  • They weren’t kidding when they titled this post creepy vintage print ads. I hope we’ve learned a thing or two about adverting since then!
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One response to “Friday Recap: Oatmeal Cookie Crunch Edition”

  1. Susan's Mom writes:

    Being mentioned on the world famous Bruce Clay, Inc. blog is enough for me!

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