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October 23, 2009

Friday Recap: Social Chokehold Edition

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Happy Friday, friends! Hungry for a recap?

The week’s big news was that social search entered the mainstream. Bing, and subsequently Google, announced social search integration into their respective search engines. Bing partnered with Twitter and Facebook to serve status updates and tweets in search results, and the social search service is now up and running. Quick aside: Bing’s parent Microsoft also released the Windows 7 operating system this week.

Meanwhile Google, in a move that smacks of thunder theft, has said that its social search will launch in Labs in a few weeks. (Not content to just slap Microsoft, Google co-founder Sergey Brin managed to smack Yahoo! this week as well.)

For more on the social search features and how they may affect SEO, check out Marc Elison’s exploration of the subject on the Bruce Clay Australasia blog. [Hallo down under! –Paula]

happy girl eating ice cream
CC BY 2.0 Ice cream = Happiness

The social networks themselves also celebrated accomplishments this week as Twitter reached its five-billionth tweet and Facebook data was used to create a Gross National Happiness Index based on the sentiment expressed in users’ status updates.

In other social news, Facebook elaborated on its leaked and as-of-yet-unreleased home page design, and Twitter use is being blacklisted by some segments of Hollywood.

Now, living in L.A. you see lots of weird things. But have you ever seen a group of people break into song in the middle of a grocery story? Improve Everywhere, the infamous group of improv artists that spreads smiles in the New York City area, pulled off this very feat, with all the gape-mouthed glory you’d expect if life turned musical before your eyes.

Rumors that Google is entering the music game were all but confirmed by leaked screenshots of a new service where Google allows users to stream music through the search engine and purchase songs through iTunes and Amazon.

However, the search engine did announce new features for Google Analytics and an API for Website Optimizer. The company’s newly approved patent for “trustrank” also piqued interest in the search community.

Communities are really the lifeblood of the online world, and posted comments are like a vital sign. Outspoken Media has posted seven illnesses of a comment-less blog, and more importantly, their cures. If you should be taking advice on building blog engagement from anyone, it’s clearly The Lisa. I know I do.

Study of e-mail user demographics by RapLeaf

The findings of a RapLeaf study of 120,000 e-mail users will be revealed in a multi-part series on the consumer data company’s blog. The first part, available now, breaks down the users of AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! e-mails by age and gender. The study shows that there are more male than female users of Hotmail, more female than male users of Gmail, and email users age 46 and up prefer AOL.

E-mailing and text messaging, according to a study by The Participatory Marketing Network and the Lubin School of Business’ Interactive and Direct Marketing Lab at Pace University, are the last activities that Gen Y would be willing to part with. Gen Y, those babes of the Baby Boomers, would give up the phone, TV, social networks and basically the whole rest of the Web before letting anyone pry e-mails and texts out of their hipster hands.

SEO vlogger Neal Rodriguez published his interviews with Bruce and me from SMX East earlier this month. Bruce talks about the coming new-and-improved SEOToolSet suite of diagnostic tools for Internet marketers. Neal and I talk about BCI’s liveblog coverage and my favorite learning moments at SMX East 2009. And just in case it’s not clear, the name’s Nussey, Virginia Nussey. (Cue secret agent theme music.)

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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