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October 22, 2010

Friday Recap: Where Did the Week Go?

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It really doesn’t feel like Friday to me. As Jessica told you last week, I was off drinking learning more about publishing and developing ideas. Well, as so often happens, karma punished me appropriately by giving me a terrible cold and what with one thing and the other it suddenly became Friday without me noticing it!

What did you and I miss this week? Jessica and I will try to catch things up.

First off, have you read October’s SEO Newsletter? We talked to Avinash Kaushik last week about Web analytics and the Bruce Clay SEO analysts weighed in with their thoughts on his answers. Our back to basics article explained why spammy link development isn’t worth it even if Google did approve (which they totally don’t.. And from down under, we learned why it’s important to sweat the small stuff when it comes to large org SEO.

Once you’ve finished reading all of that, read this: What to Do When You’re Completely Unsure. Yes, it’s about personal finance but it’s not limited to it. Try applying it everywhere.

What you shouldn’t do is dress your dog in a Halloween costume unless you want to damage its self-esteem. After all, one pet psychic says “They feel everything. And they know when people laugh at them. I talk to thousands of animals, and even if people laugh at them if they have been cut too short, it really hurts their feelings.” And if we can’t trust the pet psychics, who can we trust?

Finally, I’d like to share with you a very important clarification of terminology. These are the kinds of things that kept a wee small Susan up at night in elementary school.

No Duh vs Big Duh

And now, some news from Jessica:

A conversation this week on Twitter between Alan Bleiweiss and Matt Cutts made me chuckle:

Evergreen Tweet_AB

Evergreen Tweet_MC

I know what you’re up to Matt Cutts with that little winky face and hidden gem of knowledge. Bruce has been talking about it for some time. Go back and make your old posts and Web pages relevant for today; update them with the newest and best information so all your content is always relevant.

As I was uploading those images to our Flickr account, I was greeted in Greek. Thanks, Flickr, for being useful and educational:

Flickr Teaches Language

I stumbled upon this today and I’m not quite sure what to make of T2 + Back Alley Films’ outlook on and approach to SEO; I’m just gonna leave this one alone:

T2 + Back Alley Films

Hypothetically, who would win in a boxing match: Google or Apple (Brin vs. Jobs – anyone care to wager?)? Just wondering because the gloves came off this week when Steve Jobs dissed the Android operating system. Check out his rant below:

And that’s it from us! Enjoy your weekend, everyone, whatever your plans may be. Jessica will be visiting friends and Susan will be sleeping. See you Monday!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Where Did the Week Go?”

  1. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    I really like the Back Alley films copy. Shame that it’s not going to do what they think it will, but I think they reflect the way lots of businesses think.

  2. Jessica Lee writes:

    Morning, Andy! I had mixed feelings about that. I feel like it was a clever attempt at keyword stuffing instead of using their About Us to talk more about who they were.

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