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October 10, 2006

The Search Headlines You Need to Know

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Google Issued Notice to Stop Spreading Hate

SEW reports on a Times of India article that suggests Google’s social networking site Orkut may find itself in even more trouble. The Maharashtra government was directed to issue a notice to Google “for the alleged spread of hatred about India”. The aforementioned hate comes in the form of a picture found in a We Hate India community that depicts a burning Indian flag.

The notice also proposes that a controller be appointed to regulate all such Orkut communities. It’s that “regulate” word that troubles me. Too often regulate actually means “censor”. Predictably, Google issued a statement saying they would look into the matter and “take appropriate action”.

What Happens When Your Blog Traffic Dies?

Well, according to the Blog Republic, you kill your blog. Sounds a touch extreme, doesn’t it? I suppose it depends why your blog is suffering from low traffic – has your dedication died or are you just having difficulty finding your niche? If it’s the former, go ahead and close up shop, but if it’s the second, don’t give up – work harder.

Make sure people in your industry know your blog exists, invite guest bloggers or ask to guest blog on other successful blogs, claim it on Technorati, start using tags, whip up smart link bait. Don’t give up, work harder to create compelling content.

Google Video no more?

Though Google assured us Google Video would live on independently of YouTube, it looks like Google Video isn’t accepting uploads at the moment. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

I’d be afraid of the Net too

Yesterday we mentioned a BBC story that reported Britons were more worried about becoming a victim of net crime than they were about being burglarized, today we learn the why.

CNET reports that British law enforcement seized a computer secretly using malicious software to steal personal information and credit card numbers from approximately 2,300 PCs based in Britain. And that’s just one computer. Somewhat oddly, police are contacting victims via email. You would think after being victimized online you wouldn’t trust too many emails flooding your inbox. I wonder how many people just delete it thinking its spam. I’m almost positive I would.

In other news, the Web has finally surpassed newspapers in Europe. Perhaps that’s not as good as we originally thought.

Fun Finds

Over at SEOmoz, Rebecca explains why good content is like a Pixar film. I’m with her 100 percent until makes one grossly untrue declaration:

“Pixar films succeed not because they seek out A-list actors to voice the characters, or because they rely on the technology to sell the movie for them. They succeed because they’re all extremely well written. The story is what sells the movie, and fans and critics alike have begun to associate the name Pixar with high-quality content. You can’t emulate that sort of positive branding overnight, not with a Madagascar or a Robots or a Shrek. (and yes, I threw Shrek in there. I hate that movie.) “

What is she talking about? Shrek was a great movie! [I’m with Rebecca here. Shrek is not as clever as it wants to be. — Susan] — Don’t be sorry, then you’re both wrong.

Other things to check out:

Jaimie Sirovich’s The Special Olympics of Link Bait
SEW’s Brian Smith takes a closer look at Ask’s Smart Answers
Nicholas Carr’s A Glass House post gives us a fresh view on Michael Arrington’s I’ve Had a Long Weekend.

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