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May 6, 2013

Tired of Spam and Unwanted Email? 4 Steps to Optimize Your Inbox

Have you ever had more than 1,000 unread emails in your inbox, 95 percent of which you have no interest in opening? Sure, you delete an email here or there, but sifting through them all to make sure you’re not deleting anything you might actually want to read can be daunting, especially when you know you’ll only have hundreds more to sort through the next week (or day, in particularly bad cases).

And that’s how the email problem grows, with more and more cluttering your inbox until you just want to delete the whole account and start over. But you can’t. Because that email is established with Amazon, Paypal, eBay, Chase, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and deleting it would just cause hassle of a different kind. Not to mention the fact that that email is perhaps the address you’ve established a professional reputation with.

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April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool’s Day from Google

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 12.59.10 AM

It’s April Fool’s Day and that means that the Google team has been very busy planning pranks. For more than a decade, Google has been making millions laugh with fictitious products, fake announcements and make-believe services, bringing levity to the Web every April 1st.

March 12, 2013

Inside Google’s Game-Changing Knowledge Graph #25C


Andy Atkins-Kruger @andyatkinskruge is our moderator and the first speaker. We’re in the Semantic SEO track and this preso is & The Knowledge Graph. How can you influence KG? How will it roll out to other languages? Those are his two questions of interest and what he’ll address here. We know that KG has […]

March 1, 2013

This Week at Google: Shaking Up Search


It’s Friday and there are three weekend-worthy stories to share with my fellow search nerds. In other words: hey SEOs, entertainment ahead!

How Search Works

Google revealed a behind-the-screen look into How Search Works with an interactive infographic. It covers how the search engine crawls and indexes the Web as well as how its algorithms and ranking signals decide what to show in SERPs. Most notable for SEOs, however, is probably the portion on Google’s war on spam. For the first time we see near-real-time spam being removed from search results and graphs that indicate the spam team’s manual actions against site’s flagged for spam.

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February 4, 2013

Turns Out, Google Is a Dude

Craig Shaynak of "I Am Google." Photo courtesy of Shaynak

Google has crossed over to theatrical arts. Over the weekend, I caught a one-man show led by Craig Ricci Shaynak in Los Angeles at Theatre Asylum called: “I Am Google.” And this time, Google wasn’t just a search engine; Google was a dude in a bachelor pad.

With a cool mix of improv, performance and audience participation, this show had everything from Google’s nerdy counterpart, Bing, to his ex-girlfriend Twitter and his crush on Siri.

Without giving too much away, I’ll let you in on a little of the fun.

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December 17, 2012

Scroogled: The SEO Benefits of Bad-Mouthing a Competitor


A couple weeks ago, Bing began running their “Scroogled” campaign in “an attempt to tell people not to get screwed over by Google this holiday shopping season”. Or in reality, a new way to draw attention to themselves by calling out their largest competitor.

While I’m not going to get into the merits of spending thousands of dollars on a hypocritical ad campaign, I will say this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company do this and it certainly won’t be the last. So why not look at the positive side? Results!

When it comes to bad-mouthing competitors, one of the biggest benefits is the boost to your company’s SEO efforts through links & SERP real estate.

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July 11, 2012

Why SEO Basics Still Matter

Businesswoman Standing Next to Chalkboard with SEO on It

There are a ton of advanced Web marketing tactics these days, and the evolution of the field has brought us to a very healthy, holistic approach to digital marketing. But it’s equally important not to lose sight of the basics that allow a website to reach its full potential. We see it time and time again; sites that don’t implement the fundamentals of SEO find obstacles creeping in to various parts of their sites, their businesses, their strategies. That’s why SEO basics are the foundation of any successful website.

At the upcoming Search Engine Strategies in San Francisco this August, Bruce Clay presents the session, “Getting Started with SEO.” Conferences host these types of sessions time and time again because the basics of SEO are still very relevant.

This is because:

-Large brands with complicated websites are unable to take their site to the next step without implementing the basics of SEO on their site.
-Small business site owners are just getting started in search engine optimization, and need to understand why these tactics exist, and how to implement them.

Inspired by Bruce’s upcoming presentation, I thought we’d use this post to look at what SEO basics still matter and why. But first, let’s explore the “lasting” side of SEO – the approach to SEO that stands the test of time.

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July 10, 2012

SEO Ranking Signals: Finding the Right Focus

Bruce Clay on video SEO

Matt Cutts and the Webmaster Help team periodically release videos with advice on search engine marketing and proper technical implementation to aid online businesses. In a recent video, Matt responded to a two-part question to explain the proper focus of search engine optimization. He addressed the questions:

  • Which ranking signals do SEOs worry about too much?
  • What ranking signals should SEOs focus on the most?

Since it’s so important that SEOs remember the objective behind their actions, in a video response Bruce has also tackled the issue of how to approach SEO to see the best marketing and visibility effect.

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June 20, 2012

SEO Tools Edition of the Newsletter: Under the Hood of Bing Webmaster Tools and the SEOToolSet

phoenix bird

June’s SEO Newsletter is a Tools Edition. We’ve zeroed in on some new tools and features for SEO analysis we think you’ll enjoy learning more about.

Our feature interview with Bing Webmaster Tools manager Duane Forrester goes Behind the Scenes of Bing Webmaster Tools Phoenix Update. Forrester explains Bing’s efforts to assist the SEO community through the Phoenix Update.

In our Back to Basics article you’ll Get to Know Our SEO Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without. Get reacquainted with trusted tools for analyzing performance of your domains, pages, keywords and rankings, and meet powerful new tools launched this year.

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June 14, 2012

The Day I Learned I Used to Spam

A Journal

I started off my first job after graduating college working for a small consumer electronics company, which operated several websites, all selling the same things. The main site had a PageRank of 3, and the entire time I was employed there, the goal was to improve it, and hopefully improve our search engine rankings as well.

The sites’ SEO was done by one man, my boss. He described SEO in terms of “white hat” and “black hat”. He wanted SEO done “white hat” because he didn’t want the sites being penalized. This was the first time I heard the terms White Hat and Black Hat. After I moved on from that company, I realized that not all of the things that I was doing were considered White Hat SEO techniques. I later figured out that the things we were doing were more in the gray area.

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