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March 26, 2007

Weekend Update 03/26/2007

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JenSense Predicts April UK Panama Launch Date

Jennifer Slegg reports back from Seodays that Panama will be launched in the UK early during Q02, possibly as soon as mid to late April. That should be quite a bit earlier than most advertisers had originally thought. We were told second quarter, but I think most of us thought the end of the second quarter, if at all.

According to Jen, the tradeoff may be that UK publishers won’t see the Yahoo Publisher Network for some time. It appears to have been put on the backburner while Yahoo concentrates on the launch of Panama. Personally, I’m okay with that. I’m happy to see the success Yahoo has been having with Panama thus far. It’s still early but things are looking good. Let’s get Panama out and hope it gives Yahoo the boost it needs after a difficult end to 2006.

Yahoo Phasing Out The Yahoo Directory From Its SERPs

Barry pulled an interesting nugget out of the Search Engine Roundtable forums noting that Yahoo has removed the Yahoo Directory category links from under their search results. If you don’t believe him, Barry has screenshots. That’s our Barry.

This is a pretty good indicator that Yahoo has either decided to, or is in the process of, phasing out the Yahoo Directory. The question now is do you care? I’m not broken up about it. In the early days it was good to know which sites had been given the stamp of approval by the Yahoo Directory’s human editors, but as is the case with DMOZ, the days where a verified status means anything are behind us.

The Importance of Having a Web Identity

Andy Beal comments on an important post from Computer World about the importance of maintaining an online Web presence. Computer World argues that not appearing in Google searches may affect your job search and asks: If someone searches for you on the Web and comes up empty-handed, do you exist?

This is a significant branding question. If a potential employer or a potential client searches for you and they find nothing, I think you immediately lose credibility. I know when Bruce hires new employees the first thing I do is attempt to stalk them on the Internet. If I can’t find anything, anything at all, I’m very skeptical. If you’re coming to work for an Digital marketing company, I expect you to have some kind of Internet presence. If you don’t, I automatically assume you just gave me a fake name and I’m not inviting you out to lunch. I may even bug your car.

Branding isn’t just about branding a company, you have to brand the important people involved as well. Whether you’re an employee looking for a new job, a blogger writing for an ad agency, or the vice president of a large corporation, you should have a personal Web presence and you should be monitoring it. If you searched Yahoo for a well-known corporate Vice President, what would mean more to you: The homepage for the company the VP works out or the interview they did with Computer World where they exposed a little about their true nature? People search the Web hoping to "get to know you". There should be pieces there, even if they’re planted, for them to find. Your brand isn’t about what you deliver; it’s about how you deliver it.

Fun Finds

The sky is blue. The grass is green. Rae Hoffman is ranting. ;)

True or False? Real SEOs don’t have clients.

A search engine to help you find pizza. Oh, today is the most glorious day ever. Huzzah! [*bookmarks*–Susan]

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3 responses to “Weekend Update 03/26/2007”

  1. Rae writes:

    Hey damn it… not every post of mine is a rant. Only a few. Ok, some… but not all! :P

  2. Bob Weber writes:

    You bring up an interesting question that I have been meaning to post about. How difficult is it to have a ‘web identity’. There’s all this talk about Googling someone, but I find it rarely works for any kind of normal people.

    Sure, it’s not too difficult to find Lisa Barone. Yours is apparently not a very common name, plus you have a kick-ass blog (thanks to Susan’s editing I’m sure). Run a search on my name, or any number of semi-common names, and there are thousands of competitors for that spot. How are the John Smiths of the world supposed to get noticed? Am I going to have to come up with a stage name just to get my next job?

  3. Lisa writes:

    Yeah, yeah, a stage name! Can I pick it?

    First, let’s not give Susan any credit for the awesomeness of this blog. We all know Susan doesn’t really even exist. I just made her up. It’s part of my gimmick.

    Second, I do think ranking for your own name is very important. You won’t always be working for the company you’re at today, but your name is yours forever (unless you get married, which I’m totally against doing. Is a spouse worth destroying your Google ranking? No!). You want to be known on the Web for yourself, not just for your current job situation.

    If your name is John Smith, right now my advice would be to take advantage of those social media sites that seem to be ranking so well these days. Create a Flickr account. When then the tide changes, find another focus. It’s something that needs to be monitored. And don’t come crying to me that it’s easier for Lisa Barone to rank than John Smith. It’s not my fault your parents weren’t creative when they named you. ;)

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