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June 30, 2008

Weekend Update: Who Likes Cookies?

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SEO Newsletter Hitting Inboxes Today!

It’s the last day of the month which means two very important things: Payday and SEO Newsletter day. Huzzah!

Today’s edition of the SEO Newsletter features expanded commentary on two subjects we’ve previously written about as blog posts. First, Virginia Nussey will tell you everything you’ve ever needed to know about implementing 301 redirects to clear up any confusion/questions/concerns not addressed in our How to Properly Implement a 301 Redirect post from last year.

From there, I’ll take you through an in depth review of our favorite jeans retailer Joe’s Jeans and highlight several SEO recommendations that we feel would help them improve the spiderablity of their Web site. You may remember, we first introduced you to Joe’s Jeans early last week. Now we’re taking a deeper look and taking off the kid gloves!

All that and more will be hitting you later in the day, so if you’re not subscribed, subscribe now! And if you’re not satisfied with today’s pay check, let me also take this time to direct you to Bruce Clay, Inc.’s employment page. ;)

Google Uses Log Data, Cookies To Improve Results

Matt Cutts issued a posted on the Official Google Blog late Friday afternoon explaining how Google uses data to fight webspam, and boy, were eyebrows raised. In his post, Matt wrote that Google uses log data such as IP address and cookie information to “make it possible to create and use metrics that measure the different aspects of [its] search quality (such as index size and coverage, results “freshness,” and spam).” I took the statement as Google making good on their promise to be transparent and possibly to ease European Union concerns, however, some aren’t so convinced.

Dave Naylor jumped into the mix questioning why this information is being released now before immediately spouting off ways users can spam the index using the tidbit revealed by Google. Way to go, Dave. Let’s take shots at Google for being secretive and then immediately publicize ways to abuse the system once they hand over the smallest morsel of information. No good deed.

I’m not so freaked out by Google using this information (mostly because we all assumed they did anyway, right?), but if you want to get yourself worked up, super Mozzer Danny Dover had a stellar post last week about the evil side of Google. You may want to give it a read.

Performics Gets Re-branded as the Google Affiliate Network

Because just one Google controversy wasn’t enough, we also got word that Google has decided to re-brand Performics as the Google Affiliate Network, officially making them the most evil company in the entire world. Or something. I think that’s what it said on TechMeme.

The Google Affiliate Network will work like all others in its class and pay publishers for each lead they bring in. The affiliate network is still being hosted by, but it won’t be long until it’s fully integrated within Google AdSense. Target, Kohls, Citibank, Circuit City, Bank of America and Barnes & Noble are all listed as existing advertisers.

Is there anything left in the ad space for Google to conquer or do they officially have it all?

Fun Finds

Louis Gray grabs my interest with On The Web, If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying. A mighty interesting read. Maybe you should go Google Trends yourself.

Tamar’s talking about Twitter and Plurk and says they’re not even in the same league. That said, which team are you on: Twitter or Plurk? So far we’re Twitter here in the office.

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