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March 2007 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

March 30, 2007

Friday Recap 03/30/2007

First, I have to apologize for last week’s lackluster Recap. When I went home I realized that Matt McGee’s one Friday find trumped everything included in last week’s edition. But it’s not my fault; how do you beat a laughing baby? You don’t. It’s against the law to beat babies. But I don’t feel bad […]

Schedule for Search Engine Strategies NY 2007*

Okay, boys and girls, it’s almost time for Search Engine Strategies New York, and I, for one, am excited. Fun times are ahead — Bruce will be speaking at Thursday’s Organic Listing Forums, an assortment of my favorite BC analysts will be manning the BC booth, and early next week I get the locator chip […]

March 28, 2007

Bruce Clay Housekeeping 03/28/2007

No, no, we’re not offering housecleaning to our list of services. This is merely my attempt to redeem myself for the small nuggets I keep forgetting to mention in the blog, but really should have because they’re important. Susan says if I do a good job bringing it up today I won’t get smacked with […]

Fun Forum Finds

(Or, as Ze Frank would say, something from the forums.) Since Tamar is trying to act like me (being all cute and personable) over at Search Engine Roundtable, today’s my turn to act like Tamar and bring you some fun forum threads. It’s only fair, right? DigitalPoint Forums: MSN Pre-populating their search box There have […]

March 27, 2007

Set It & Forget It? Pay Per Click Strategies that don’t work

Barry Schwartz pointed us to an interesting thread over at WebmasterWorld that discusses whether or not the old "set it & forget it" approach to pay per click is long gone. I say "interesting thread" because I couldn’t believe people still subscribed to this method. Can you spend some time creating a pay per click […]

Dehumanizing the blogosphere

I’m sure by this point in the day most of you have read about the disturbing situation affecting Kathy Sierra, the brilliant voice of the Creating Passionate Users blog. As a woman, as a blogger, and as a member of this space, the past 24 hours have been filled with me wanting to say something, […]

Get Ready for the Mobile Wars

The stage has been set for a 2007 mobile battle. Are you ready for it? Google, Yahoo, and the other mobile service provides are. In fact, the heavyweight title fight is starting to heat up. In this corner (points left), outfitted in the purple and yellow trunks, we have Yahoo. Yahoo has been getting quite […]

March 26, 2007

Weekend Update 03/26/2007

JenSense Predicts April UK Panama Launch Date Jennifer Slegg reports back from Seodays that Panama will be launched in the UK early during Q02, possibly as soon as mid to late April. That should be quite a bit earlier than most advertisers had originally thought. We were told second quarter, but I think most of […]

Newspapers, Offline Media Are Not Dead

It was sunny and gorgeous in Southern California this weekend so I did something out of character for an obsessed blogger. I stepped away from the computer and ventured outside for virtually the entire weekend. I know; I’m still getting over it myself. It seems while I was out hiking in Malibu and playing in […]

March 23, 2007

Friday Recap 03/23/2007

Happy Friday! I completed my bi-yearly adventure in SEOToolSet training this week by attending the one-day Advanced SEOToolSet Certification class held yesterday. I learned lots of great techie optimization tactics that will keep me in the favor of Mr. McGoo McGee; however, that wasn’t the highlight of the day for me (sorry, Bruce). The most […]

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