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March 24, 2006

Analytics on the California Coast

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Guest Entry by Dana McGraw, Web Analytics Analyst–Bruce Clay, Inc.

The upcoming Emetrics Summit to be held in Santa Barbara, CA on April 18-20 will be a valuable learning experience for all of those interested in web analytics and those who should be! With a speakers list packed with subject matter experts–including Jim Sterne, one of the most recognized ambassadors of web metrics–the event should prove to be a fertile ground for ideas and discussion that can only serve to promote and enrich the field. As web analytics grows, the importance of the Web Analytics Association and the Emetrics Summit will grow exponentially to ensure the promotion of fresh ideas and of ethical practices.

I am particularly looking forward to the session on key performance indicators. A common problem for those practicing web analytics is determining which factors really give an indication of how his or her company is performing. Certainly there are some standard factors that provide basic insight; however, to make the most of the data it is important to narrow down those key performance indicators which are most telling for your particular business! Input from members of various industries should prove to be truly enlightening. Although this year’s Web Analytics Conference in Santa Barbara is sold out, check for information on future Emetrics Summits.

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