Announcing the Bruce Clay SEO Plugin for WordPress

We’ve been working on something really special, and I’m excited to announce that it’s ready.

It was created and tested for WordPress users with input from SEOs, content creators, and marketers.

Now anyone doing SEO on a WordPress site has access to powerful, customized SEO guidance right within the WordPress interface. And it’s compatible with both Gutenberg and classic editor interfaces in WordPress versions 4.5 or higher.

It’s the Bruce Clay SEO WP™ plugin — and it’s officially launched!

A New SEO Plugin That Fills the Gaps

This plugin gives you important data missing from other SEO plugins.

It does this as you create or edit content on a website. How, you ask? Because it works like software as a service, rather than a static plugin.

You get real-time analysis powered by our SEOToolSet®. Then add site-level and page-specific data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The result is greater insight and a competitive advantage in search!

Here are 10 ways to raise your WordPress site to the next level with the Bruce Clay SEO plugin:

  1. Get on-page SEO recommendations customized per keyword.
  2. Optimize for more than one keyword.
  3. View keyword distribution.
  4. Know your actual and target readability scores.
  5. Understand how a page is performing.
  6. Assess your site’s mobile friendliness.
  7. Pinpoint duplicate or missing content.
  8. Discover your top-performing content.
  9. Find out which authors have the best-performing content.
  10. Use it alongside your Yoast SEO plugin, if desired.

Try it out! Get the plugin for a 7-day free trial.

Here’s an explainer video, and I’ll meet you below for more details on the plugin:

1. Get Customized On-Page SEO Recommendations

Each keyword you’re trying to target has different requirements to compete. So keyword data should be custom, too. Not cookie cutter.

Below each page in the WordPress editor, Bruce Clay SEO shows you real-time competitive data based on the top-ranked webpages for your keywords.

SEO plugin Summary tab
On-page recommendations are customized based on real-time search results analysis.

On-page recommendations are customized based on real-time search results analysis.

You can see the expected range in the Goal column. Then compare your current word counts and adjust as needed.

2. Optimize for More Than One Keyword

SEO teams often have many keywords for a piece of content. Our plugin ensures content creators or SEOs know pages are optimized for all keyword targets.

Keywords tab in Bruce Clay SEO plugin
You can optimize a page for multiple keywords.

You can even see how many times to use the keyword in the meta title, meta description, and body content.

The numbers shown in each oval shape tell how many times to use the keyword based on competitive analysis.

The left-hand side of the oval in gray shows how many times you’ve used the keyword on the page.

The oval turns green when the keyword goal is met.

3. View Keyword Distribution

Keyword distribution ensures that keywords (and their semantic variations) are used throughout the text on a webpage from top to bottom.

Doing this may impact the ranking of your web content by boosting your page’s relevance to queries.

So we built a feature that lets you see clearly where the keywords are throughout the webpage by highlighting them with color. This makes the optimization process more efficient.

keyword highlighting feature in Bruce Clay SEO plugin
Color highlighting lets you see where your keywords appear.

4. Know Your Actual and Target Readability Scores

How readable is your content? It matters to users. Depending on the subject matter, the baseline for readability can change.

You can see on the recommended readability range based on the top-ranked webpages in the search results.

Readability score in the WP page editor
View the page’s readability score based on grade level.

What you see is the current grade-level readability of your page compared to the goal grade level. The goal range comes from analyzing the top-ranked content in the search results for all assigned keywords on the page.

In other words, you can see what readability level Google thinks is appropriate for the subject matter.

5. Understand How a Page Is Performing

WordPress users must often update existing content, not just create new. Sites with a long history can have a lot of content to maintain.

We wanted the plugin to quickly give content editors a picture of how a page is doing after it’s published.

Bruce Clay SEO plugin Traffic tab shows analytics data
Google data in the page editor empowers writers to see beyond the page!

Pulling data from Google Search Console and Analytics, the Traffic tab within the page editor lets you see:

  • Views: How much traffic is the page getting?
  • Source: How many visitors come from organic search, paid search, social media or direct?
  • Device: Do people come via desktop or mobile?

Also, writers often get assigned an update without knowing what search queries a page is already ranking for.

With Bruce Clay SEO, you can see what search queries are driving traffic to a particular page:

Search queries from Google Search Console
Writers can see page-specific data from Google Search Console.

6. Assess Mobile Friendliness

We’re now living in a mobile-first world when it comes to the Google search engine.

The Bruce Clay SEO plugin tells you about any problems with mobile usability and performance.

SEO plugin mobile-friendliness tab
Mobile-friendly test results show any potential issues for mobile users.

7. Pinpoint Duplicate or Missing Content

Avoid having similar or duplicate pages filtered from the search results.

The plugin runs a check once every 24 hours on pages that were published, updated, or synchronized that day.

Alerts notify you of any pages that have:

  1. No meta title
  2. No meta description
  3. Broken external links
  4. No H1
  5. Too many external links
  6. Too high a reading level
  7. Duplicate meta title
  8. Duplicate meta description

You can correct these page issues or simply check off the alert to ignore it.

8. Discover Your Top-Performing Content

Find out which pages on your website are performing best in the search results. Right when you log in, you can see data like this on the dashboard:

  • Average ranking position
  • Impressions in the search results
  • Click-throughs from the results

Here’s a screenshot of the content ranking feature on the plugin dashboard:

Bruce Clay SEO plugin dashboard
The plugin dashboard displays the site’s top URLs for everyone’s reference.

9. Find Out Which Authors Have the Best-Performing Content

Have multiple authors for your site? Sometimes it’s useful to know which people are creating your top-performing content.

This feature shows the top posts per author, measured by total views, average views per page and average time on page over a period of time.

For publishers with many contributors, it’s useful to have a scoreboard of sorts that compares authors and pinpoints what content works best, so you can create more like it.

10. Use It Alongside Your Yoast SEO Plugin

Many people already use a top WordPress plugin like Yoast.

The Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin is built with compatibility in mind. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin right alongside ours.

Bruce Clay SEO is fully compatible with the Yoast plugin.

When you install our plugin, it detects if you also have Yoast SEO active.

It will then use the meta title, description, meta robots, and canonical directives you’ve set up in the Yoast plugin — and hide the overlapping features in Bruce Clay SEO.

So you can continue to use the many useful features of Yoast while getting the competitive analysis, integrated analytics, and other advanced features of Bruce Clay SEO as well!

Bonus: Access to the SEOToolSet®

Your plugin subscription includes access to our SEOToolSet. The SEOToolSet is the suite of SEO tools that powers the Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin.

Of course, you don’t ever have to leave your WordPress site to benefit from the SEOToolSet analysis.

But, if you choose to log into your account, then you can take advantage of other tools and reports available there for no extra charge.

Link Graph chart in SEOToolSet
The Link Graph is just one tool you can use if you log in at
Keyword Suggestions tool in SEOToolSet
Keyword Suggestions is another useful tool that subscribers can access by logging into

Better Compete in the Search Results, Starting Now

We’ve worked hard to create a plugin that fills the gaps left by other SEO plugins on the market today.

This plugin is for every SEO, content creator, marketer, and website owner who wants a simple way to get custom SEO guidance while they are creating content in WordPress, not after.

Our goal is simple: To help you better compete in the search results.

Ready to raise your SEO to a new level? Try out the plugin free for a week. Then it’s just $24.95/month per domain. That covers an unlimited number of users, and you can cancel anytime.

Start your 7-day free trial of Bruce Clay SEO today!

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay, Inc., a global digital marketing firm providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, SEO-friendly web architecture, and SEO tools and education. Connect with him on LinkedIn and other social networks from Bruce's author page.
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Now anyone doing SEO on a WordPress site has access to powerful, customized SEO guidance right within the WordPress interface.

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Above all else Congratulations to whole group for concocting a restrictive module that has got all the fundamental and significant SEO components from SEOToolSet fused in the WP Plugin.

Anyway my lone idea or concern you can say is “The reason the preliminary is just for 7 days? Wouldn’t you say it ought to be in any event 30 days or a month, that would have been a whole lot better.

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Paula Allen

GCC: Thanks for letting us know!

This is a very welcome initiative with rich features. And the fact that it can be native with Yoast, without compatibility issues, is remarkable. I’ll test this on our new project. Great work guys!

Paula Allen

Tola: It was important to make our plugin compatibility with Yoast by design and go beyond what Yoast was capable of, given that it it limited to running from a static server file. Let us know how you like it!

For SEO WordPress Yoast SEO is wonderful to understand the content optimisation and keyword factor if you use the premium version. I think it is useful because I am using it and I got the benefit.

Nice, been using Yoast forever but it’s never quite done everything I needed/wanted it to do. This looks pretty interesting. Just being able to have more than one focus keyword is a win.

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Congratulations Bruce Clay for this development.

Great news!! Very excited to try this plugin on my site. I think 30 day-trial would be much better, 7 days seems to be a very small period to see how the plugin actually works.

Paula Allen

Alessia: Thanks for giving it a try! We did some research and learned that even with a 30-day trial, most people decide within the first couple of days. Please let us know how you like it on your WordPress site.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. Excellent plugin.

Very exciting. Bruce Clay has really built up some great tools. We have used these tools for our site and good experience. Great job keep it up!

The amazing and very useful blog you have shared here about WordPress SEO plugin and I also have a WordPress website and i am so excited to use this new plugin so thank you very much for sharing such a very valuable article and it is really very helpful for me I loved your post so keep posting and update us with new factors and techniques.

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Paula Allen

Hi Selvie: The Bruce Clay SEO plugin can be used alongside Yoast to offer real-time analysis and extra reports. If Yoast is not running, then you can edit meta tags and page directives (like canonicals) using the Bruce Clay SEO plugin. However, it does not do some other Yoast features such as og tags or sitemaps. They’re really best used together.

Cool, this seems like an all in one SEO plugin. It was nice to read about the features of this plugin. I’m glad that this helps in multiple tasks like improving the readablity score, identifying page performance, keyword distribution.

Paula Allen

Santhosh: We appreciate your comment and look forward to hearing how you like it!

It looks great. I will give it a try. Do you have a support forum for this plugin?

Paula Allen

Hi Francis – A support forum is planned! For now, you can get support by emailing

That’s really great news.

But I would like to try it for free for a couple of months and I think you should think about it releasing this plugin for free and charging later for some add-ons what Yoast is doing!

Btw, keep building awesome plugins and SEO tools.

Paula Allen

Nasir: Our plugin requires processing resources and API calls to handle the real-time analysis and then display the results. These processes cost money to operate, unlike Yoast and most other plugins that simply run from the user’s own server. For that reason, we can’t offer a free version.

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this is interesting, i am going to download this plugin for my wordpress site.

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Long time follower of Bruce Clay and since attending one of his first classes, glad to see the brand remains relevant. Personally impressed with integrating Yoast with this, considering it has been mainstream in WP for most of us in this field for quite some time and not having to consider migrating or sacrificing the associated data. Anticipating some great results. Thanks!

Paula Allen

Ivan: That’s great to hear! Thanks for following us and trying our latest innovation. We appreciate your comments!

Nice article which gives a good insight about the features and functionalities of SEO plugin.

We excited for this plugin. We have been using the SEOToolset for several years now! Excellent tool from Bruce Clay!

Paula Allen

Olympia: Thank you for all of your feedback, too! Users like you have contributed greatly to our software development and a product that should help a lot of WordPress users all around. Thanks for your help & comments!

A new plugin for WordPress from Bruce Clay Inc. it’s been a great news.

First of all Congratulations to entire team for coming up with an exclusive plugin that has got all the essential and important SEO elements from SEOToolSet incorporated in the WP Plugin.

However my only suggestion or concern you can say is “Why the trial is only for 7 days? Don’t you think it should be at least 30 days or a month, that would have been much much better.

Mike Stacey

Very exciting. You guys have really built up some great tools there over the years!


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