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June 17, 2005

Google for Mobile Screens

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In this week’s news, Google has introduced a search engine that is designed for mobile web users. The basic idea is that the web pages are designed for smaller screens and therefore, are easier to use if you are accessing them from a cell phone etc.

This Google Jr. search engine directs users to a specialized index of web pages that are designed with mobile users in mind–they have been optimized for small screens. The index is XHTML based and allows users to view pages on a much smaller screen.

In an article by Susan Kuchinskas, of Wireless, she discusses Google’s implementation of its search engine with Google’s Director of Wireless Product Management, Deep Nishar. Nishar discusses Google’s use of XHTML for the smaller screen pages.

Google has been interested in tapping into the mobile market for a while now. It has already introduced Google Local, Image Search and Web Search, and an instant messaging service–all of these for mobile users.

Now it waits to be seen if they will try to implement advertising into this new mobile-based search engine.

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