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November 22, 2005

Google freezes Google Analytics

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If you’re a large company and you roll out a product, probably the very last thing you want to do is pause it, say ‘oops, can’t handle that’ and have to take the good will hit that comes along with jerking your clients around. But that’s precisely what Google has done again with the roll out of Google Analytics. After a rocky start, the free analytics program has been closed and the ‘add a new site’ link has been removed from the consoles of those already signed up.

This isn’t the first time Google has stopped a project after roll out and it’s becoming familiar. Google puts out a new product. Various people react in joy and outrage (sometimes the very same people), Google underestimates the reaction and adoption, Google freezes the project. Most of the time, this gets shrugged off because after all, it was a beta project. However, Analytics is different. It wasn’t a beta project but they still treated it as though it was.

In truth, this probably won’t be a huge stumbling block for Google. Most people are willing to forgive them just about anything considering the huge amount of free, quality tools that they offer and of course, the traffic that they provide. Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal agrees, “being a free service with in-depth analytics tracking capabilities, in time publishers will probably forget about the initial Analytics problems.”

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