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January 6, 2006

Google presents: An Alternate Revenue Stream

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Larry Page’s keynote at CES brought the expected Google Pack announcement (including 6 months of Norton Antivirus, hmm, that might even be worth it) as well as the much rumored Google Video announcement. Google Pack is free for download and comes with an auto-updater so that it will be easy to maintain.

Google Video Store will allow customers to download and view episodes of popular television shows like CSI and The Amazing Race for $1.99 for 24 hour time periods. What’s more exciting is that for that same $1.99 Google has a catalogue of 300 older television programs that can be downloaded for an unlimited period of time.

Payments will be made through the Google Accounts systems, the same way that Adwords advertisers pay for their service. The videos and video pages will contain no ads. (Google is, not surprisingly, considered an ad-supported free system.)

Danny gives a brief history of Google Video in his wrap-up of the keynote. He also interviewed Peter Chane (who actually made the announcement) earlier this week on the new service. As always, it’s an excellent overview.

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